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Durban - South Africa

South African horse racing is a very popular sport and its history goes back almost as far as that of the UK. For those new to racing in South Africa this page offers wagering angles and regular tips. 

And why Cryptocurrency and Betting in South Africa are a natural fit.

 South African Race Tips 15 June 2024

11:55 Greyville Taxhaven

12:30 Greyville  Triple Time

13:40 Greyville Without Question

 Patants Heir Betting Tips In South Africa

Modern communications enable horse racing fans anywhere in the world to become involved.

The aim of this web page is to educate punters new to South African horse racing. This will include the following areas:

Race tracks - Trainers - Jockeys - Horses - Races - Governing Bodies

Race Tracks:

Eastern Cape -  Fairview

Fairview Racecourse is a horse racing track located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It is approximately 2,700 meters in circumference with an 800-meter run-in. The racecourse includes both a turf track and polytrack.

It hosts races every week with no entry fee, and featured races include the Algoa Cup, East Cape Derby, and Lady's Slipper Stakes. Additionally, Fairview Racecourse offers a VIP venue for racedays and private events on non-racedays.

Free State - Vaal Racecourse

The Vaal Racecourse is a popular horse racing track located in the Free State province of South Africa . It is situated in the heart of the Vaal Triangle between the townships of Sharpeville and Vereeniging.

The racecourse is known for its friendly country atmosphere and was established in 1946 in the town of Viljoensdrif. The area surrounding the racecourse includes several suburban and rural locations.

Gauteng - North Rand Training Centre, Turffontein Racecourse

Turffontein Racecourse is one of the oldest and most challenging racecourses in South Africa. It is located in Turffontein, a southern residential area in Johannesburg.

Established in 1887 by the Johannesburg Turf Club, the racecourse features two grass tracks and is known for hosting prestigious racing events such as the Summer Cup and South African Derby.

In addition to horse racing, it also hosts musical events and festivals. With its wide variety of cuisine and easy access, it hosts around 70 racing events a season, and has undergone numerous revamping projects, including the addition of floodlights and conference rooms

Kwazulu-Natal - Clairwood Turf Club, Greyville Turf Club

Greyville Turf Club is a horse racing club located in Durban, South Africa. The club is situated in the center of Durban's Golden Mile, providing a beautiful backdrop of the city while watching the races.

The club has been in operation since 1844 and hosts two prestigious Group One races, the Durban July Handicap and the Greyville Gold Cup, as well as 12 Grade One races during the South African horse racing season.

The racecourse features a 2,800-meter turf track with several gradient features, an all-weather "Polytrack" that was installed in 2014, and a golf course in the infield.

In 2019, the racecourse was renamed as the Hollywoodbets Greyville Racecourse after the betting company became its sponsor.

Scottsville Racecourse

The Scottsville Racecourse is a horse racing venue located in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. It is known for its picturesque scenery and is situated near the scenic Pietermaritzburg Botanical Gardens.

The racecourse has a long history and is one of the oldest in South Africa. It has undergone several renovations and upgrades over the years, including the installation of a polytrack surface in 2012.

Scottsville hosts a number of prestigious races each year, including the Grade 1 Allan Robertson Championship and the Grade 1 Golden Horse Sprint.

Northern Cape - Flamingo Park Racecourse

Western Cape - Durbanville Racecourse

Durbanville Racecourse is a horse racing track located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is known for its picturesque setting and challenging course, making it a popular destination for horse racing enthusiasts.

The track is surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, adding to its scenic beauty. Durbanville is also unique in that it only hosts races during the winter months, from May to August.

Some of the notable races held at Durbanville include the Winter Classic and the Winter Guineas. The racecourse also has a restaurant and bar, as well as conference facilities for various events.

Kenilworth Racecourse

Kenilworth Racecourse is a premier horse racing destination situated in the suburb of Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa.

The racecourse is known for its picturesque scenery and challenging courses, making it a favorite among jockeys and spectators alike.

Kenilworth Racecourse is famous for hosting the prestigious Sun Met, which is regarded as one of the country's most prestigious horse racing events. Other notable races held at the racecourse include the Cape Derby, the Cape Fillies Guineas, and the Majorca Stakes.

With its rich history and exceptional facilities, Kenilworth Racecourse is a must-visit destination for any horse racing enthusiast.

South African horse racing TRAINERS

South Africa has some top-notch trainers who have made a significant impact in the horse racing industry.

One of the most prominent trainers is Justin Snaith, who is known for his excellent horsemanship and has trained many top-class horses in South Africa.

Other successful trainers include Sean Tarry, Brett Crawford, Mike de Kock, Candice Bass-Robinson, and Vaughan Marshall, among others.

The top 10 racehorse trainers in South Africa based on their win percentage and total prize money won in the 2022/2023 season:

  1. Justin Snaith (782 runs, 99 wins, 12.66% win percentage, R 20,158,368.75 total prize money)
  2. Sean Tarry (483 runs, 76 wins, 15.73% win percentage, R 10,289,012.50 total prize money)
  3. Candice Bass-Robinson (453 runs, 55 wins, 12.14% win percentage, R 9,645,175.00 total prize money)
  4. Brett Crawford (559 runs, 72 wins, 12.88% win percentage, R 9,042,925.00 total prize money)
  5. J A Janse van Vuuren (384 runs, 53 wins, 13.80% win percentage, R 7,516,375.00 total prize money)
  6. Gavin Smith (917 runs, 94 wins, 10.25% win percentage, R 7,503,362.50 total prize money)
  7. Mike de Kock (361 runs, 45 wins, 12.47% win percentage, R 7,339,925.00 total prize money)
  8. Glen Kotzen (437 runs, 43 wins, 9.84% win percentage, R 6,777,675.00 total prize money)
  9. Alan Greeff (671 runs, 89 wins, 13.26% win percentage, R 6,675,412.50 total prize money)
  10. Dean Kannemeyer (247 runs, 39 wins, 15.79% win percentage, R 4,583,150.00 total prize money)

1 August 2021 - 8 September 2021

Name and Total Prize Money SA Rand

1 Paul Peter R 1,310,875.00

2 Gavin Smith R 1,136,375.00

3 Justin Snaith R 1,075,700.00

4 Alan Greeff R 978,125.00

5 Ashley Fortune R 918,000.00

6 Sean Tarry R 866,750.00

7 Corne Spies R 771,000.00

8 Gareth van Zyl R 625,000.00

9 Paul Matchett R 464,875.00

10 Glen Kotzen R 446,250.00

Top 10 Trainer records 1 August 2018 - 30 July 2019:

Name and Total Prize Money SA Rand

S.G. Tarry                     30,710,225.00

S.J. Snaith                     25,196,312.50

M.F. de Kock                   23,012,612.50

B.J Crawford                   13,688,900.00

A.C. Greef                       12,562,012.50

P. Peter                           12,562,012.50

C.L. Bass-Robinson(Mrs)  10,563,975.00

Y. Bremner                        9,719,425.00

G Kotzen                           8,119,962.50

South African horse racing JOCKEYS

Warren Kennedy is the current South African Champion Jockey, having won the championship for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons.

Craig Zackey, a former South African Champion Apprentice, has also had an impressive record with 10 Group One winners, nine Group Two winners, and 11 Group Three winners.

The top 10 racehorse jockeys in South Africa based on their win percentage and total prize money won in the 2022/2023 season:

  1. Keagan de Melo (1037 rides, 217 wins, 20.93% win percentage, R 22,863,818.75 total prize money)
  2. Richard Fourie (774 rides, 167 wins, 21.58% win percentage, R 22,884,387.50 total prize money)
  3. S'Manga Khumalo (719 rides, 120 wins, 16.69% win percentage, R 10,622,312.50 total prize money)
  4. Muzi Yeni (849 rides, 102 wins, 12.01% win percentage, R 10,339,043.75 total prize money)
  5. Richard Mansour (706 rides, 91 wins, 12.92% win percentage, R 7,677,675.00 total prize money)
  6. Lyle Hewitson (722 rides, 88 wins, 12.15% win percentage, R 7,516,375.00 total prize money)
  7. Craig Zackey (693 rides, 87 wins, 12.99% win percentage, R 7,880,150.00 total prize money)
  8. Warren Kennedy (681 rides, 85 wins, 12.41% win percentage, R 6,875,412.50 total prize money)
  9. Ryan Munger (792 rides, 88 wins, 11.11% win percentage, R 8,492,312.50 total prize money)
  10. Luyolo Mxothwa (611 rides, 87 wins, 14.24% win percentage, R 8,981,475.00 total prize money)

Top 10 Jockey records 1 August 2021 - 08 Sept 2021:

NAME                              STAKES

W Kennedy                       R 2,886,125.00

S Khumalo                        R 1,810,450.00 

M Yeni                              R 1,770,125.00 

C Zackey                          R 1,234,900.00   

L Hewitson                        R 1,349,750.00

R Fourie                            R 869,675.00 

R Munger                          R 1,060,250.00

G Cheyne                          R 706,350.00 

S Veale                             R 509,500.00

D Schwarz                         R 578,125.00

Top 10 Jockey records 1 August 2018 - 30 July 2019:

Name                                    Stakes

L. Hewitson                         27,305,950.00

Mr M A Yeni                         20,211,875.00

Mr A Marcus                         33,090,337.50

Mr G J Lerena                      21,260,437.50

Mr G M Cheyne                     12,959,675.00

Mr R D Fourie                          22,792,662.50

W Kennedy                              17,218,525.00

R Munger                                 11,787,400.00

K de Melo                                 11,503,912.50

B Fayd'Herbe                             10,116,587.50

Mucho Macho ManMucho Macho Man

South African horse racing HORSES

Some successful horses in South African horse racing history include Sea Cottage, Colorado King, Horse Chestnut, Politician, Hawaii, Mowgli, Wolf Power, Pocket Power, Jet Master, and Empress Club.

These horses have notable wins and have left legacies, with some being champions over multiple years and others being iconic sprinter-milers or fillies.

The top 10 racehorses for the 2022/2023 season in South Africa:

  1. Amadeus (Justin Snaith) - 6 wins, R 1,675,412.50
  2. **Jetstream ** (Mike de Kock) - 5 wins, R 1,583,150.00
  3. Captain America (Sean Tarry) - 5 wins, R 1,516,375.00
  4. Golden Horse (Justin Snaith) - 5 wins, R 1,458,362.50
  5. King Warrior (Justin Snaith) - 4 wins, R 1,400,000.00
  6. Golden Ducat (Sean Tarry) - 4 wins, R 1,341,637.50
  7. Czar (Mike de Kock) - 4 wins, R 1,283,150.00
  8. Turffontein Flyer (Brett Crawford) - 4 wins, R 1,224,662.50
  9. Pinatubo (Justin Snaith) - 4 wins, R 1,166,175.00
  10. Captain's Call (Justin Snaith) - 4 wins, R 1,107,687.50

Top 10 Horse records 1 August 2021 - 08 Sept 2021:

Name                                         Stakes

BIG BURN                                    R 249,000.00

WILLIAM ROBERTSON                 R 180,000.00

YOU DESERVE IT                        R 137,500.00

INTEGRITY                                   R 100,000.00

PRINCESS KESH                          R 100,000.00

BARD OF AVON                             R 97,000.00 

SUPREME QUEST                         R 97,000.00

THE KOP                                       R 93,000.00

TIMEFORTHAT                              R 84,000.00

VAL D'ORCIA                                  R 84,000.00

SPACE ODDITY                              R 82,000.00  

FLINDERS RANGE                          R 80,500.00


Top 10 Horse records 1 August 2018 - 30 July 2019:

Name                                         Stakes

HAWWAAM                           5,628,125.002

DO IT AGAIN                        5,102,500.003

RAINBOW BRIDGE             4,895,000.004

CIRILLO                               4,476,000.005

ONE WORLD                         3,115,625.006

TWIST OF FATE                   2,777,500.007

SOQRAT                               2,066,250.008

KASIMIR                                1,813,000.009

RETURN FLIGHT                  1,622,350.0010

TILBURY FORT                     1,556,700.00

South African horse racing Major Races

There are 3 principle races 

1. The Summer Cup takes place in Johannesburg

2. The J & B Met takes place at Kenilworth Racecourse

3. The Durban July takes place in Durban

South African Horse Racing Authorities

South African horse racing is regulated by 2 bodies:

1. Phumelala Gaming and Leisure Ltd who cover The Free State, the Northern Cape, The Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

2. Gold Circle who cover the Western Cape and Kwazulu-Natal.

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