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The Each Way Double

The each way double bet can produce good returns even if the odds are small; especially if 1/4 odds are offered on the place part.

If you backed a horse each way at 3/1 you would lose money but combine 2 of them in an e.w. double and you begin to start making money.

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How Doubles Work

For example if we placed a £10 e.w. double on 2 horses in different races priced 3/1at 1/5 the odds the return if both place is £25.60 giving a profit of £5.60.

If both win however the return is £185.60 and the profit is £165.60.

You can also place an each way bet on two or more horses in the same race. But of course only one of them stands to win.

Obviously the each way double bet is worth serious consideration especially if we can find ourselves a bet where one of the odds is say 10/1.

Let's look at the return for a £10 bet where we have odds of 10/1 and 4/1. This would return £620 giving a profit (less stake of £20) of £600 if both won.

The Oddschecker bet calculator makes it easy to work out potential returns. To use the calculator CLICK HERE.

Horse Racing

Checking Places/Odds For Each Way Double

The race types for places and odds can be found below:

Non handicap races

2-4 runners win only

5-7 runners 1/4 the odds for the first 2 places

8+ runners 1/5 the odds for the first 3 places

Handicap Races

2-4 runners win only

5-7 runners 1/4 the odds for the first 2 places

8-11 runners 1/5 the odds for the first 3 places

12-15 runners 1/4 the odds for the first 3 places

16+ runners 1/4 the odds for the first 4 places

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NB You can use betting software to place bets automatically. BF-BotManager is the one I use as it is reliable and is constantly updated to reflect best practice and industry thinking.

Recent updates to the software include:

    Silk and other information for horse/jockey is displayed at selections form
    Multiple Strategies bot - new Lay 1-4 staking plan added
    Multiple Strategies bot - Events filter condition, added more events to filter by
    Multiple Strategies bot - added "Skip if favourite difference is not satisfied" market condition
    Multiple Strategies bot - added "Bet if score" market condition
    Multiple Favorites bot - fix to retry bet placement if first bet placement failed
    Web requests now use gzip compression, less bandwidth is used and faster response from server
    Issue with bets history being lost should now be fixed
    "Score" column is added to main markets grid, score is determined by using Correct Score market prices. Correct score market must be loaded and monitored during in play for this to work.
    Auto loading of markets is improved
    Bug fixes

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