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Best Horse Races Ever

Some horse races over the past few years have been truly memorable.

Grand National at AintreeGrand National at Aintree

The remarkable heights achieved by Frankel alone have given horse racing spectators experiences that they’ll remember to the grave.

While Frankel has been involved in some incredible races and he’s arguably the greatest race horse there’s ever been, there have been other exciting races in the history of the sport. We had a look at some of the best horse races of all time.

Don't Push It wins the NationalDon't Push It wins the National

7 March 1964: Cheltenham Gold Cup: Arkle and Mill House


Whenever anyone’s looking back on an unforgettable Arkle race, the old Mill House battles immediately spring to mind.

 The 1964 Cheltenham Cup was a race to tell the grandchildren about. Dominic Behan’s Arkle was most certainly up there with the best the sport has ever seen and Mill House provided the thoroughbred with ample competition and a series of incredible horse races.

The 1964 Cheltenham Gold Cup wasn’t the closest of these races, but its frenetic exhilaration and quality make it one of the greatest. Few sport events have been more memorable.


26 July 1975: King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes: Grundy and Bustino

When Irish Derby and Epsom Derby winner Grundy went up against top four-year-old Bustino for the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes, everyone watching knew that they were witnessing history.

They might not have anticipated it being quite the race it was however, as Bustino and Grundy ran at an intense speed from the beginning, head-to-head until the straight.

Grundy was slightly ahead by the straight but Bustino never looked like quitting and only lost by half a length - faltering inside the final furlong.

Grundy won through a combination of agility, skill and sheer desire. It was soon called ‘The Race of the Century’ and for good reason too.

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Horse Races Closest Finish

18 June 1936: Gold Cup: Quashed and Omaha

Every horse racing fan knows that the real race of that century was actually a lot closer to the beginning of it.

Few horse races have ever been so close and nail biting than that between Quashed and Omaha in the 1936 Gold Cup.

 If you’re a horseracing fan and know a bit of its history, you should know that Quashed won by a short head, after steadfastly keeping the lead throughout the race. The finish was as tight as you could ever get in horseracing.

Cheltenham Festival ChaseCheltenham Festival Chase

Horse Racing History

One of the most celebrated and popular sports in the world, it has been difficult for us to decide on our favourite moments in horse racing history, but we eventually managed to narrow it down to our top 5 below!

Arkle vs. Mill House, Cheltenham Gold Cup 1964

The race between these two racing giants was highly anticipated and it did not disappoint. Right down to the last fence, both horses hurtled along at the same pace and the audience held its breath as they were nose to nose.

However, Arkle began to pull out ahead of Mill House after the last fence, and pushed further and further ahead. In the end, Arkle strode out to take his famous victory, winning by an impressive 5 lengths.

Singer-songwriter Dominic Behan even immortalised the victory with an impressive power ballad called none other than “Arkle”!

Mandarin, 1962

Fred Winter lived through every jockey’s worst nightmare when his horse Mandarin’s bit completely fell apart in the mouth just a few seconds after the race began. With huge strength and determination, Winter held on and kept going – even when Mandarin took a tumble, landing on one crumpled and bent foreleg.

Using his legs to communicate with Mandarin, Winter pushed his horse on. During the last 100 yards, Winter pushed Mandarin even harder, clearing all other horses and securing a truly remarkable victory. This race is one of racing history’s best examples of mental determination and sheer physical exertion.

Mon Mome Makes Horse Racing History

Famous for being one of the most unpredictable of horse races in the world, the Grand National is easily the most well-known horse racing event in the British sporting calendar. In 2009, Mon Mome had just a 100/1 chance of winning – the only French horse in the race, running for the first time under jockey Liam Treadwell.

A talented jockey, Treadwell waited until the leaders had fallen, and only pushed Mon Mome to run at his top speed after the final fence, shocking everyone with a tremendous burst of speed. Treadwell continued to push hard throughout this final spurt, which resulted in only the fifth 100/1 winner of the National in horse racing history.

Entrance to AintreeEntrance to Aintree

Monksfield vs. Sea Pigeon, 1979

Monksfield and Sea Pigeon demonstrated fantastic staying power throughout the 1979 Champion Hurdle. Monksfield had won this horse race the previous year, making him the clear favourite. However, Sea

Pigeon seemed determined to win this year’s race from the outset. Monksfield did well throughout the race, staying out in front and flying over the hurdles with apparent ease. 

However, Sea Pigeon was hot on his tail, sometimes coming up level with the favourite. The final stretch was nail-biting, as both horses seemed neck and neck. In one final impressive push, Monksfield stole the victory by just three-quarters of a length.

Quashed vs. Omaha, 1936

Both horses entered the Ascot Gold Cup with fantastic reputations to defend, and nobody knew who would come out on top at the finishing line.

Quashed upheld an amazing performance, refusing to give up the lead even by a single inch, but the final stretch was an incredibly close battle – and they even seemed to cross the finish line in unison.

In the end, Quashed won the Gold Cup by a short head, making it one of the most anticipated finishes in racing history.

The Best Moments in Horse Racing History

Do you agree with us? Or do you have your own top 5? Tweet us and let us know what you think!

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