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Horse Racing

The rush you get from betting races rather than betting at a casino, appeals to vast numbers of sports fans and you will probably have your own favourite type, such as virtual horse racing or class of race to bet on.

Those who are new to racing or betting might find it difficult to decide where to spend their time and money. There are a few different types of race you can bet on that offer a very different experience.

 If you are a fan of some of the most famous events in the world such as the Grand Prix then why not make your experience even more exciting by placing a bet. You don’t need to know a lot about betting as the process is very easy and your knowledge of the sport will be a real asset.

 If you can attend some of the events and watch them in person then you will get a real buzz from watching a live event. Those who can’t make it down to the racecourse can still enjoy the thrill of betting on a winner from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the main types of races you can bet on.

Horse Betting Races

There are lots of horse racing events held throughout the year, the most popular probably being the Grand National in the UK.

The Grand National gets the whole country excited and people who haven’t ever set foot in a bookies take their chance on their favourite horse.

Grand Nationall Winner

Horse racing has a very long history that dates back to ancient Greece.There are lots of different types of betting races, the main ones being jump racing and flat racing. Over the years people have bred horses specifically for different types of race so that they have the desired characteristics. Other big races throughout the year include Ascot, Cheltenham and Sandown.

Racing Greyhounds

Greyhound Races

If you love dogs then you will enjoy watching these magnificent animals glide gracefully around the track. The dogs are motivated to chase a lure around the track, which is usually a rabbit. Greyhound betting races are one of the UK’s most popular spectator sports and have a big following.

 You can enjoy the race from the comfort of the restaurant and have a few drinks to celebrate winning as most tracks for greyhound betting races have good facilities. There are  25 greyhound tracks dotted all around the country.


Motor Races

Some of the motor races you can bet on include the Grand Prix, the World Rally Championship and World Superbike races. The Grand Prix is probably the most popular in the UK and generates a large amount of interest from betting enthusiasts. You can bet on every single race and also who you think will win the overall championship. Take the thrill of this super fast race to the next level by placing a bet on your winning driver.

Cycling Races

You can also bet on international cycling races such as the legendary Tour de France. The Tour de France was first launched in 1903. It’s a multi stage race held in France and a few neighbouring countries. Study the odds for every cyclist and use your cycling knowledge and experience to predict a winner.

 There is also the opportunity to bet on other big cycling races such as the Giro d'Italia, which is an annual bike race held in Italy that is normally held towards the end of May and the beginning of June. It’s a spectacular race to go and watch live. The race is split into different stages and the cyclist with the lowest aggregate time is crowned the winner.

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