The Preakness Stakes - 4 Things To Remember

The Preakness Stakes takes place this year on 3rd October, and it's going to be intense, especially for American racing fans and enthusiasts. New top-notch horses to bet on and the thrill and excitement of who could be on the winning horse, could make the Preakness Stakes even better than the last one.

Horses Contest The Preakness

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When all's said and done, no-one can help but be excited about the upcoming races. However, if this is your first-time betting on horse racing, let alone the Preakness Stakes, things may not turn out as well as you expected if you failed to do any preparation or research beforehand.

Without knowledge about the race and how to bet on it, you might lose a ton of money and begin to lose confidence in your bets.

That said, before  putting your money on the line, here are some Preakness Stakes betting tips and things to remember before placing a bet.

Be Familiar with the Program

Knowledge is essential if you want to win. Without it, you will have no idea what you will be doing, and you will lose hard; millions of dollars are lost each year through lack of research.

In fact, out of all the bettors participating in horse race betting events, only a small percentage of them do their homework.

That said, how to do your research? That's actually easier than you think with the help of racing forms. Racing forms are your guide to all of the things you need to know about the race. 

From the distance of the race, the track that the horses are running on and  to the horses competing- all the information you need to know about the race is in the racing form.

If you are a beginner, all of this information might seem a lot to take in. So let's take a look at some of the essential aspects of the racing form.

Usually, the background of the race can be seen at the top of the race form.

There, the time and location of the race is specified, as well as the distance of the race. However, the type of track the horses are running on may not be in the race form, but you can do a quick search on the internet.

Next is the list of the horses competing in the race. A number usually specifies the horses, and beside the horses' number will be another number for their draw.

Their draw determines the position they will have in the starting line.

Knowing which horses are favoured by any track bias will give you an idea which one you should bet on. However, this doesn't mean that you should solely rely on this information.

The Preakness Stakes Track Condition

For veteran bettors, handicapping horses comes easily. Handicapping horses means that they will measure the horse's performance by its pedigree, breed, experience, etc. However, one of the most critical factors that bettors tend to dismiss is the weather.

The weather is significant because it can be a huge factor in the horse's performance. For example, some horses are heavy-footed, which means they step hard when racing. When rain has turned the going on a dirt track to sloppy, this could be a huge disadvantage. 

Pimlico Race Track Home Of The PreaknessPimlico Race Track Home Of The Preakness

History of the Jockeys

The Preakness Stakes has been home to some of the most famous jockeys and horses throughout the years. That said, looking at the jockey's history, not only on the Preakness Stakes but also on other horse racing events, is essential to predict their performance.

If a jockey is consistently in the top three of most of his/her races it is probably a wise move to consider betting on them. This is because being always in the top three is a good indicator of talent.

This is even better if the jockey is still a novice. This indicates that early in his career, he is already showing great promise and might go well during the current event. 

You should also check the jockey's history and performance with a particular horse. If the jockey and horse have good chemistry and performance, it could pay to bet on them.

Make Diverse Bets

One of the most straightforward and easy to understand bets is the win bet.

Basically, you just have to choose your winning horse, and if that horse wins, you also win. It is an excellent decision to focus on this type of bet, but staking cash in other bets as well can increase your chances of winning.

Over the years, horse racing has evolved and different kinds of bets are being created all the time. Placing different strategic bets can lead to great results and tons of cash. If you are smart about it, you might win big on the Preakness Stakes.


The Preakness Stakes will take place on 3rd of October. That means there is plenty of time for you to do your research and learn more about the events and programs.

Remember, knowledge is power, and you can use that power to increase your chances of becoming thousands of dollars richer.

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