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Landing the Scoop6 from Totesport

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We all love a flutter on the horses right? Well imagine landing £3.5million on a Saturday afternoon from just 6 bets! Well this is all possible with the Scoop6 from Totesport.

The Scoop6 is a bit like the lottery, but instead of picking numbers, you pick horses, not only that but it’s a lot more exciting than the lottery, especially if you get to race 4 or 5 and you are still in with a chance!

There are 6 given races each Saturday and you have to select the winning horse from each one. If you land all 6 winners then you win the Jackpot, or a share of the jackpot depending on how many other people have also won.

Jackpots can sometimes be in the millions, just like the lottery, if there are no winners then the prize fund will be rolled over to the following week.

But it doesn’t end there. You can also play for a ‘place’ dividend, which means that if your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd you are still in with a chance of winning. This is often a popular choice amongst punters.

How to calculate Scoop6 from Totesport stakes

The cost to enter the Scoop6 is £2, this gets you 1 horse per race for each of the 6 races and this is known as having ‘1 line’.

However, you can choose more than 1 horse per race if you wish, resulting in you having more lines. Each line costs you £2, so let’s see what it would cost if you had 2 horses per race…

This is how you would calculate your stake based on 2 horses per race: 2x2x2x2x2x2 =64 @ £2 per line = £128 Stake

On Course BookiesOn Course Bookies

How to increase your chances of winning

Don’t get me wrong, finding all 6 winners and landing the Scoop6 jackpot is no easy task, however there are one or 2 things that we can do to increase our chances.

  1. Use horse racing tipsters – As this involves horses and not numbers, there are always going to be certain horses that stand a better chance than other horses, so if you can find a few good tipsters then you already have a slight advantage.

  1. Join a syndicate – This is probably your best bet as you can massively increase your chances of winning by being part of a syndicate, because the more people that are involved, the more lines you can cover.

So instead of just having 1 horse in each race running for you, you could have 4 or 5 horses per race. More often than not, the winners of the Scoop6 jackpot are in fact syndicates.

Winning the Scoop6 is no easy task, but as punters it’s certainly great fun and can add a bit of excitement to your Saturday afternoon, and you never know, it could be you scooping the next big Jackpot!!

(Please remember to gamble responsibly)

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