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Best Strategy For Horse Betting

Do you know what the best strategy for horse betting is?

Grand National RacegoersGrand National Racegoers

First you will have to decide which type of horse betting person you are? Does it matter?

For those new to the horse betting scene or even those who partake regularly but have never given explicit thought to the category they fall into, it's useful to explore the distinct types of bettors – Casual, Weekend, and Full/Part Time – as they each have unique goals, strategies, and involvement levels.

The Casual Bettor

A casual bettor is primarily drawn to the excitement, fun, and social aspects of horse betting. They might participate during a once-in-a-year event such as the Grand National, primarily to enhance the enjoyment of the experience.

The thrill lies not in in-depth analysis or strategic betting but in the spontaneous, adrenaline-rush that comes with uncertainty. With zero or slight regard for maintaining betting records, casual bettors appreciate the social component of the sport, of watching the races unfold surrounded by friends, family, or other enthusiasts.

When I personally started out following horse racing in 2005 I was probably in the above category. But I soon came to realise that there is far more to horse racing than a race itself.

There is a fascinating history which stretches back centuries. Then at the top of the hierarchy are the horse owners who are often interesting and colourful characters in their own right. Not to mention the trainers, jockeys and horses themselves.

Here are a few horse owners from around the world, with a brief explanation of why they stand out:


  • Queen Elizabeth II: While not traditionally eccentric, owning and breeding thoroughbreds for decades adds a unique layer to her legacy. Owning racehorses like Estimate, who won the Gold Cup at Royal Ascot, further cements her connection to the equestrian world.
Queen Elizabeth II arrives at Royal AscotQueen Elizabeth II arrives at Royal Ascot
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum: Ruler of Dubai and renowned owner and breeder of top racehorses, known for his extravagant spending and intense passion for the sport. Notable horses include Dubawi and Encosta de Lago.
  • Patricia Kluge: Former model and billionaire known for her extravagant lifestyle and lavish spending on her prized collection of Arabian horses. She even built a palace for them in Virginia.


  • George Soros: Billionaire financier and philanthropist, founded the Pegasus Farm Thoroughbred breeding operation which promotes sustainable breeding practices and supports equine welfare initiatives.
  • Paul Newman: Actor and philanthropist, co-founded Newman's Own organic food company, donating part of the proceeds to equine welfare organizations. Owned and raced several horses with his wife Joanne Woodward.
  • JK Rowling: Author of the Harry Potter series, founded Lumos, a charity that helps children in orphanages worldwide. She also owns a successful racing stable and is passionate about equine welfare.
Paul NewmanPaul Newman


  • Jessica Springsteen: Daughter of Bruce Springsteen, accomplished equestrian and entrepreneur, launched two equestrian clothing lines - one of which focuses on sustainability - and co-founded a horse transportation company.
  • Bill Gates: Co-founder of Microsoft, owns Wellington Equestrian Partners, a major investment group in the sport, and his daughter Jennifer is a successful showjumper.
  • John Magnier: Irish businessman and co-founder of Coolmore Stud, one of the most successful thoroughbred breeding operations in the world.
John Magnier Horse Owner And BreederJohn Magnier Horse Owner And Breeder


  • Queen Maxima of the Netherlands: Dutch Queen and passionate equestrian, competes in dressage at an international level.
  • Snoop Dogg: Rapper and hip-hop icon, owns several racehorses and even has his own clothing line for equestrians called "Dogg Pound Stables."
  • Lady Gaga: Singer and songwriter, known for her extravagant stage presence and costumes, but also owns and breeds horses, focusing on the Arabian breed.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other fascinating horse owners around the world with their own unique stories and contributions to the world of horses.

Best Strategy For Horse Betting

Next in line in deciding on the best strategy for horse betting are Weekend Bettors, individuals with a deeper interest but limited time or inclination for comprehensive form analysis. While making some profit holds appeal, the Weekend Bettor combines enjoyment of the sport with the thrill of the win.

This type of bettor seeks more frequent wins – a higher strike rate, even if the value or price is less prime. 'Dutching', a practice of betting on more than one horse in a race to improve the chances of winning, can be an effective strategy for Weekend Bettors.  

I remember transitioning to a Weekend Bettor when my son and his friends would accompany me to our local course at Newton Abbot. As the more experienced member of the party I would be expected to come up with a few winning bets but of course these were not reliably forthcoming.

On one occasion after a lacklustre afternoon it came down to the last jumps race for me to produce a profit. I thought the horse Wheelavit stood a decent chance and suggested this to my son who passed the tip on to his friends.

I heaved a sigh of relief when Wheelavit thundered past us to win at decent odds with the boys jumping up and down shouting “wheel-all-avit”.

Both the Casual and Weekend Bettors, although differing in the method and frequency of betting, revel in the sheer thrill of the sport, not necessarily aiming for consistent gains over time.

The Grand National Gets Under WayThe Grand National Gets Under Way

Full Time / Part Time Bettor

Those treating horse betting as a part or full-time activity, however, have a quite different outlook and strategy. These bettors aim to make a steady profit over time, focusing intensely on a narrow aspect of betting wherein they amass in-depth, detailed knowledge.

This specific understanding of their chosen field offers them a perceived edge over others. As the expertise accumulates over time, these bettors progressively increase their range of successful bets, potentially transitioning from part to full-time betting.

For these bettors, understanding the form of the horses is crucial. They can further refine their strategies by utilizing different tools such as creating personalized horse rankings  to gain a unique perspective on a race as a knowledge of form reading will be invaluable and form the basis of your selection process.

They may also assess the class of a race to evaluate the runners' merits, potentially identifying high class horses contesting a race.

One may fluctuate among these bettor types or be a mix of two or more types, depending on the level of interest, financial investment, and the time one is willing and able to devote to horse betting. Despite the category, each group shares the underlying love for the sport and the thrill it brings.

Best strategy for horse betting conclusion

Whether you're a casual bettor wanting to amp up the excitement at an annual event, a weekend bettor adding a dash of adrenaline to your quiet weekends, or a more serious full/part-time bettor keen on making consistent profits harnessing your in-depth knowledge, remember that horse betting, like all forms of gambling, comes with risk. Always bet responsibly, keeping the fun and enjoyment above any potential financial gain.

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