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If you spend enough time betting on horses and sports, you begin to see just how quirky gamblers can be. They have their idiosyncrasies, superstitions and many of them have some type of betting system that they will swear by.

Whether or not these really are the best betting systems possible or have any real value is usually open to debate, but there is no shortage of literature about live or online betting systems that have been developed by the so-called experts throughout the years.

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Best Betting Systems Types

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There are two primary types of betting systems, handicapping and money management.

Handicapping Systems

The first thing you should know is that most handicapping systems are more rooted in myth than reality. In order to prove that notion, all you have to do is look around and see just how few people actually win money on a consistent basis when playing sports or horses.

If these handicapping systems were as effective as they claim, doesn't it make sense that anyone could study the system and eventually become a millionaire? None of this is to imply that handicapping systems won't provide some valuable insight.

By reading about handicapping systems used by renowned professionals, you can certainly learn things you never knew before. However, you must consider this.

Professional gamblers make their living by winning money. The act of sharing valuable information only serves to cost them value if everyone using their system lands on the same horse or team.

They might make a little money selling books, but they are in the business of finding value and capitalizing on it as gamblers. Therefore, you are better served to find personal handicapping methodologies that work for you and stick with those.

Hint: The most valuable commodity available when handicapping horses or sports is statistical information. Horse racing gives you the racing form and sports sites can provide you with the team and individual stats you need to get a picture of how a game might be played.

Instead of investing time and money on books about handicapping, you should invest your time learning how to interpret information that is readily available. Or better yet use some of the many online sources available through a subscription who do this work for you.

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Money Management Systems

Right off the bat, money management systems provide much more value to the gambler. The biggest mistake gamblers make is mismanaging their money.

The very first rule of thumb is never ever gamble with more money than you can afford to lose. Even serious gamblers need to pay the bills and put the kids through college.

Most reputable money management systems will instruct you to establish a bankroll to be used as your gambling fund. Once your bankroll has been established, you must have the discipline to accept that as your ultimate betting limit.

In the gambling world, that's the soundest advice you will ever get and you just got it for free.From there, the typical money management system will establish a set of guidelines to be used when deciding how much to bet on each race or sporting event.

For the most part, one system is as good as another as long as it makes sense to you and does not require you to exceed your betting limit.

When using a system, you must adhere to the established guideline to give the system the opportunity to work as prescribed. Once you go beyond the guidelines, the system is no longer valid and you are on your own.

Consistency and discipline are the keys.

No matter what systems you employ, you need to be realistic with your expectations. You are gambling and when you gamble, the odds are not in your favor.

Only 3% of all the serious gamblers in the world will successfully show a reasonable profit year after year. You are better off to learn to enjoy yourself and appreciate any profits that come your way.

In other words the best betting system is the one that works for you.

This 'best betting systems' article was written by Horse racing enthusiast John Hawthorne.

John writes for several online publications including U.S based sports such as Football and Basketball. 

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