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Beauty Tips and what to wear at Ascot

Royal Ascot Fashion

Beauty tips for Ascot or any Ladies Day at the races will help women to dress up and be part of that glitzy, exciting atmosphere. Indeed for many, the fashion is the main draw, and donning a dress and heels to indulge in the thrill of a little flutter gives the day a sense of festivity.

Whether it be Ladies’ day, or a trip to one of the stands of the racecourse for which you’d like to dress up a little, there’s something quite charming and romantic about a day at the races – maybe it’s due to the fact that the dress code is a little like a wedding’s.

Kim from Precis Petite has contributed some guidelines for any ladies who are attending for the first time and may be a little intimidated by the smart dress code.

Consider the weather

Has it rained heavily in the week leading up to the races? Ask yourself how soft the grass of the racecourse will be. It’s fine to opt for flat shoes or boots when you know it will be muddy.

Stilettos are the obvious choice for any celebration, especially Ladies Day, but a very thin heel could sink straight into grass: not a particularly demure look!

Choose a smart coat or a mac, that’s preferably waterproof and definitely warm to throw over your shoulders. Nobody wants to have to hide indoors, running in and out to place bets, and missing the excitement of the race because they’re too cold!

If you really feel the cold, consider a matching trouser suit.

Hats and fascinators

If you’re entering the Royal Enclosure of Ascot, the top beauty tip is that you’ll need a hat, but for most other race days, the policy on headwear is more relaxed.

If you feel uncomfortable with something large on your head, opt for a subtle yet elegant fascinator that still allows you to show off your hairstyle. Make sure it’s well anchored with clips and pins, so that it doesn’t blow away or become out of place in the wind.

At most Racecourses and Grandstands across the country now, neither hats nor fascinators are even necessary, although bear in mind that you won’t win a prize on Ladies Day without one, as this usually goes to the most extravagantly adorned of exhibitionists!

Fashion Trends


Again, the rules are relaxed, with most ladies opting for wedding guest attire. An overly exposed torso, chest, or too much thigh could however, be deemed distasteful end up costing you your entry, so it’s best not to turn up in hot pants or mini-skirts, and  keep it modest with hemlines just above the knee. 

Beauty Tips For Ascot

The Ascot dress code is a little smarter, with a few more rules. The 2013 dress code has seen the omission of cravats for men, and compulsory hats for women in the royal enclosure, as well as compulsory measurements for hems, shoulder straps and fascinators. Don’t let this put you off though! For the best breakdown of the fashion rules and beauty tips for The Royal Ascot Meeting, visit the Precis website, who offer special petite advice on Ascot, wedding and holiday fashion.  

Royal Ascot Racegoers

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