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for the latest racing fashion styles at the Cheltenham Festival Ladies' Day.

Fashion at Royal Ascot

For many lady race-goers, Cheltenham Festival Ladies’ Day raises that thorny question: what to wear?

A Ladies’ Day in very early spring, at a classically traditional Jump festival, offering fabulous Best Dressed prizes, poses a dilemma between ‘dressy’ fashion and ‘practical’ wear to combat the seasonal weather.

To help plan your outfit, offers these top fashion tips:


Have more than one outfit prepared just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse – or the better – at the last moment!

March weather is usually still quite cold or wet so to be warm is key. If you’re planning to be outside most of the day, a smart coat is a better investment than what you wear underneath it.

Alternatively, if you’ll be party to some of Cheltenham Racecourse’s famed hospitality, opt for layers, so you will be toasty outside and not baked inside!

Tweed can be smart, warm and even funky, but only wear if it suits YOUR style (don’t be a racing wannabe). Try felt, wool or chunky knits as alternatives. Select footwear with care: it needs to cope with the weather and if you’ll be on your feet all day, comfort is as important as style.

Quality leather boots with a block or wedge heel are a good option and available in a range of heel-heights.

If you wear shoes, thick tights are ideal. Choose colours, textures and patterns that enhance your outfit rather than just being a functional extra.

Opt for tailored and well fitting outfits. Maxi dresses and voluminous skirts may lose shape if it’s windy; while thick woolly jumpers can leave you looking rounded and bulky.

Racing Fashion

Racing Fashion Accessories

Accessorise: cold weather provides an ideal opportunity to acquire stylish leather gloves, while a beautiful bag can upgrade a budget outfit.

Thermal undies could be life-savers!

Wintry daylight plus (probably) wind and rain: good make-up is essential if you don’t want to look drained or drab, while bright lipstick can introduce a splash of colour to lift your outfit.

If you’re outside all day, a hat will keep you warm as well as looking striking – especially one in cosy material such as felt or fur. If you’re booked in to dine, avoid hat hair with a substantial fascinatorinstead – again, select wintry materials such as pheasant feathers. Choose headwear that won’t blow away or be ruined by rain. 

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It may be tempting to wear traditional wellies to beat the weather but you will not win the Best Dressed competition in workmanlike or highly patterned rubber boots!

Flimsy outfits and summer hues will leave you miserably chilled and looking out of place.

Unless you’re riding in a race, leave the jodhpurs at home.

Utterly head-to-toe in muted tweed may render you invisible – it was originally designed as camouflage after all.

No matter how much false tan you slap on, bare legs and cold weather equals blue, goosebumped and dry-skinned limbs.

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