Horse Racing Betting Tips

Horse racing betting tips will produce ongoing profits only if you follow a number of important rules!

When a bettor has found a reasonably successful betting system or tipster there is a temptation to improve the return by tinkering either with the staking or with the selection process.

Breeders Cup contestants

This is usually a mistake - the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" is wise advice and often hammered home by sports sites such as  Free Racing Tips as behaviour in these circumstances is likely as not to turn a profit into a loss.

In other words avoid being influenced by your emotions when confronted by a losing streak, resulting in panic changes to what was previously a profitable exercise.

Horse Racing Betting Tips - Tipsters

Using tipsters for horse racing betting tips can be a hit and miss affair but it need not be so if we stick to a few rules:

Pick a tipster who has at least 3 months proofed profits - a year is ideal because some tipsters prosper at certain times of the year especially in horse racing - as the seasons change from flat racing to National Hunt racing in the UK.

Decide on a bankroll you can manage without putting any stress on your finances. Only using money you can afford to lose is sound advice.

Stick with the tipster for at least 3 months and avoid bailing out at the first sign of a losing run losses are inevitable and have to be endured.

Check past results for the biggest downswing and understand that this is not necessarily as far down as it can go.

If past results show that the biggest losing streak was 10 losses on the trot then double this to 20 and check that your bank can withstand that kind of loss.

Be realistic in your expectations whatever your bankroll don’t expect a 50% increase every month a 10% - 15% increase is achievable but by no means guaranteed.

If say your bankroll starts at £1000 and your bets average £10 for around 3 tips per day that translates to betting £30 a day or £900 per month. A 10% return will equate to £90 profit less the tipster fee. 

Keep these rules in mind especially if you are betting at the racetrack where it is easy to get distracted.

A Day At The Races

Tipsters often attract new subscribers after a run of good results however a winning run is always followed by a losing one and many punters who join at that time will be faced with a period of losses.

The natural reaction is to abandon the service before the upswing again takes place.

Even the best horse racing betting tips rarely achieve a strike rate greater than 30% which means that 70% of their selections are losing bets.

This does not mean that the selections are not profitable so check your horse racing betting tips ROI (return on investment) for past results.

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