Most Popular Horse Races

Popular horse races 

Since the dawn of time, humanity has witnessed various events with horses, whether they were races or something else. Horseracing is one of the oldest sports known to our kind.

Nervous Horse in Parade Ring

 Today, millions of people around the world are fans of this pastime and horses are specifically bred for racing. Some of the most wanted breeds are Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds.

These horse breeds, together with the jockeys, race in several types of races (flat, jump, harness, endurance, and saddle trot).

One of the prime reasons why horse racing is such a popular sport is its ties to the gambling industry and the economy. Betting on horse races is enjoyed by many people around the world.

There are two ways to wager on horses – at land-based sportsbooks or online. In the last few years, the online betting/gambling industry has had a massive breakthrough and it's favoured by most of the betting fans.

Various online bookies and online casinos offer these services and they are available at any time and place. 

Casino Players

Many people are more willing to visit the online casino game page because there are a lot of other games to choose from, aside from betting on horses.

Since betting on horses is such a popular activity, we wanted to bring to your attention a few of the most popular races in the world.

They are widely known for the competition, viewership, and excellent odds. Let’s check them out.

Popular Horse Races

Beholder Wins The Breeders Cup

Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders’ Cup takes place in November each year. This is a series of races that are held over 2 days, all of which have enormous prize pools.

Thoroughbred horses are the qualifying horses. This Cup was inaugurated in 1984 and since then the location changes annually. The most successful jockey is Mike Smith with 26 wins.

Melbourne Cup

Hailing from Australia, the Melbourne Cup is the most popular horse race in south-east Asia. This Thoroughbred race starts on the first Tuesday of November and it was inaugurated in 1861.

The total prize purse is AUS$8 million and horses compete over a 2-mile distance. 

The Kentucky Derby

This race is ranked as the most attended race in North America. The Kentucky Derby was inaugurated in 1875 and takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

It’s usually held on the first Saturday of May, but this year the date was changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The total prize purse of this race is $3 million and $1.8 million of those go to the winner. 

Red Rum Wins 1974 Grand National

The Grand National

Finally, we have the most popular horse race in the world. The Grand National which is held at Aintree in Liverpool in April and this is a steeplechase.

The only horse to win the race 3 times is the Famous Red Rum.

It’s the most betted on race in the UK, as well as many other countries around the world. The total prize purse is £1 million.

The 2020 Grand National was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak and we are yet to receive any updates for the next year’s race. 

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