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The Champion Bumper Cheltenham Punters' Dreamland!

The Champion BumperThe Champion Bumper

If you're on the lookout for a surefire bet and a glimpse into the future exploits of equine superstars, look no further than the Cheltenham Festival's Champion Bumper. Why, you ask? Well, buckle up because we're about to dive into a race that's practically a crystal ball for punters.

Imagine a race where more than 80% of the contenders go on to taste victory, not just once but multiple times. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, welcome to the Champion Bumper—a punters' paradise where dreams do come true.

Let's break it down. In the 2021 edition of this spectacular event, all but 2 of the 14 runners in this talented bunch, that graced the Cheltenham turf, went on to secure victories. Now, if that's not a compelling reason to pay attention, I don't know what is!

The Champion Bumper 2023

Champion Bumper 2023 results as at 10 Nov 

1. A Dream To Share (IRE) 7/2

Jockey Mr J L Gleeson Trainer John E Kiely

Since Won 1 of 1

9. Fact To File (FR) 16/5F

Jockey Mr P W Mullins Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 0

5. Captain Teague (IRE) 40/1

Jockey Harry Cobden Trainer Paul Nicholls

Since Won 1 of 1

14. Lecky Watson (IRE) 80/1

Jockey Jack Foley Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 1 of 2

12. It's For Me (FR) 6/1

Jockey Paul Townend Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 1

4. Captain Cody (IRE) 50/1

Jockey Miss J Townend Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 1

17. Western Diego (IRE) 18/1

Jockey Rachael Blackmore Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 1 Runs

16. No Time To Wait (IRE) 33/1

Jockey Davy Russell Trainer Gordon Elliott

Since Won 0 of 1 Runs

15. Loughglynn (IRE) 33/1

Jockey Michael O'SullivanTrainer  W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 0 Runs

6. Chapeau De Soleil (IRE) 40/1

Jockey Brian Hayes Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 0 Runs

8. Encanto Bruno (IRE) 14/1

Jockey Sean Bowen Trainer John C McConnell

Since Won 1 of 2 Runs

20. Queens Gamble (IRE) 20/1

Jockey Jonathan Burke Trainer Oliver Sherwood

Since Won 1 of 1 Runs

10. Fascile Mode (IRE) 40/1

Jockey Mr Charlie Mullins Trainer Thomas Mullins

Since Won 1 of 2 Runs

11. Favour And Fortune (IRE) 28/1

Jockey Tom Cannon Trainer Alan King

Since Won 1 of 1 Runs

19. Fun Fun Fun (IRE) 5/1

Jockey Daryl Jacob Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 1 Runs

3. Better Days Ahead (IRE) 10/1

Jockey Mr J J Codd Trainer Gordon Elliott

Since Won 0 of 0 Runs

22. Fiercely Proud (IRE) 100/1

Jockey Luca MorganTrainer  Ben Pauling

Since Won 0 of 1 Runs

21. D Art D Art (FR) 80/1

Jockey Donagh Meyler Trainer Thomas Cooper

Since Won 0 of 0 Runs

7. Chosen Witness (IRE) 66/1

Jockey Sean O'Keeffe Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 1 Runs

2. Beachcomber (FR) 150/1

Jockey Jonjo O'Neill Jr Trainer Jonjo O'Neill

Since Won 0 of 2 Runs

18. Westport Cove (FR) 33/1

Jockey Danny Mullins Trainer W P Mullins

Since Won 0 of 0 Runs

The Cheltenham Festival Champion Bumper Field 2021.

Without exception all but the last two finishers have gone on to win races, many of them multiple times.

Sir Gerhard  (IRE) Trainer W P Mullins 

Kilcruit  (IRE) Trainer  W P Mullins

Elle Est Belle  Trainer  Dan Skelton

Three Stripe Life  (IRE) Trainer  Mrs Denise Foster 

Super Six  Trainer  Nigel Twiston-Davies 

Grangee  (FR) Trainer  W P Mullins 

Wonderwall  (IRE) Trainer  Richard Spencer 

Ramillies  (IRE) Trainer  W P Mullins 

I Like To Move It  Trainer  Nigel Twiston-Davies 

Shearer  (IRE) Trainer  Paul Nicholls 

Chemical Energy  (IRE) Trainer  Mrs Denise Foster 

Cool Jet  (IRE) Trainer  W P Mullins 

Jack's A Legend  Trainer  Alan Jones 

Creggan White Hare  (IRE) Trainer  Sean Conway 

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Leading the charge of the victorious brigade who have won since are the likes of Sir Gerhard, who has won 4 races, Kilcruit who has won 4 races, and Grangee who has won 2 races. These  horses didn't just participate, they opened up an aladdin's cave of future betting opportunities for canny punters!

Willie Mullins by Darren NorrisWillie Mullins by Darren Norris

Sir Gerhard, trained by the legendary W. P. Mullins proved that the Cheltenham Champion Bumper is not just a race but a stepping stone to future triumphs. Kilcruit, another Mullins protege, joined the winner's circle, showcasing the race's knack for picking out the crème de la crème of the racing world.

But wait, there's more! Grangee, yet another talent from the Mullins stable, left an indelible mark on the track, confirming that the Champion Bumper is not just a one-hit wonder but a promise of ongoing success.

Masters of the Craft:

Leading trainers like W P Mullins, Nigel Twiston-Davies, Paul Nicholls, and Gordon Elliott have a keen eye for the Champion Bumper. Their expertise in preparing contenders elevates the race to a whole new level. Mullins, in particular, has showcased his prowess with talents like Facile Vega 15/8 2022, Sir Gerhard 85/40 2021, Ferny Hollow 11/1 2020 turning the Bumper into a showcase of future champions.

History Unveiled:

This national hunt flat race, devoid of jumps, has a rich history etched with tales of triumph. Originating from the prestigious Cheltenham Festival, the Champion Bumper is a breeding ground for racing legends. What sets it apart is its unique format - no hurdles or fences, just pure speed and strategy, making it a spectacle for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers.

Irish Dominance:

The Irish contingent has consistently shone in the Champion Bumper, owing in part to their stellar performance in high-calibre Irish point-to-point races. The rigorous training grounds of Irish racing set the stage for success on the grand Cheltenham platform.

National Hunt Flat RacingNational Hunt Flat Racing

The Champion Bumper Favourites, Odds, and Surprises

When it comes to betting on the Champion Bumper, the odds with the bookmakers don't always serve as the foolproof guide they might be for other races at Cheltenham. 

The average odds price of the winner over the past two decades is 11/1 with odds ranging from 15/8 to 33/1, emphasizing the unpredictability that keeps punters on the edge of their seats. It's not just about backing the frontrunners; it's about spotting the dark horses ready to steal the spotlight.

In this unique contest, favorites boast a modest track record at best, while horses with longer odds frequently make compelling challenges in the closing stages. 

It's a race tailor-made for the strategic punters who embrace each-way betting, where the unexpected can turn the odds in your favor. So, buckle up for an exhilarating ride where the underdogs often have their day!

It's essential to highlight that winning the Champion Bumper demands a level of experience from our equine contenders. Throughout the race's history, only three instances stand out where four-year-olds emerged victorious. 

Cue CardCue Card

Notably, among them is Cue Card, undeniably one of the highest-calibre Champion Bumper winners to grace the turf. This underscores the significance of seasoned expertise, making each triumph a testament to the horse's journey and skill.

In conclusion, the Champion Bumper is more than just a race—it's an experience, a journey, and a promise of future triumphs. So, when you delve into the world of Cheltenham and see the Champion Bumper on the horizon, remember, it's not just a race; it's a dream waiting to unfold. Happy punting, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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