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The origin of mobile casinos began a long, long time ago and the first versions of casinos were probably invented by cavemen using bones for chips!

Then when the internet was invented, casinos moved online and everyone, from teens to grandmothers, could enjoy playing a huge range of casino games.

The problem was that you had to play on a computer, which restricted you to playing at home or (dare I say it) at work during your lunch break!

Now of course you can play casino games on your mobile phone anywhere you like and even pay by phone slots - on the train, in the car, or for a lucky few, while contemplating the glittering night life on North Beach, Durban.

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Not all phones will cope with casinos and some are better than others. These casinos support most devices nowadays including android cell phones, iphones and tablets. But not all the old casinos that ran on computers have updated their ‘download only’ or flash games to support mobile.

For mobile slots and casino games Android is the most popular operating system. Android phones produced by HTC and Motorola are ideal as are those by Samsung.

My favourite device is the iPad because it almost feels you are playing the actual machines. With their large screen you can tap the spin button to play and with awesome sound quality you could almost be playing in Vegas itself.

The iPhone is also good with clear screen resolution, fantastic graphics and a cool interface. And then of course the tablet offers a huge range of casino games.

Casino FunCasino Fun

South African Mobile Casinos

Despite this wealth of options it is important to choose suitable casinos for your device and that is where you need guidance from the best South African mobile casino guide. are South Africa’s leading resource for these casinos where you can find all the information you need to play casino games on your mobile devices.

They have researched and played over 100 different casinos and produced a short list of the best sites.

Topics covered include:

    Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Winner
    Casino Midas, Jackgold,

Here are a few details of these topics:

Roulette - choose roulette games that work on smaller screens e.g. American, European or French versions

Blackjack - most popular card card game - discreet and simple to play with huge wins possible

Slots - ideal for a quick play while travelling or on a break at work

Winner - review of winner mobile casino

Casino Midas - review of this relatively new casino

Jackgold - review of another great new casino - review of one of the leading casinos

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