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Horse weight and rating.

by Andy Taylor
(Dorset )

Why is it, when I read a review on a certain race, the tipster will say that this certain horse for instance, has won the last three races, and gone up a massive 13lbs in the weights. But when I check the last race. Its only the official rating which has gone up by a lot. The weight may have only gone up 4lbs.

Answer: The weight carried by a horse in a race will depend on its rating relative to the other horses and will not be dependent on whether his rating has changed.

For example Top Smart won the class 4 race below carrying 11st 7lbs resulting in a rating of 108

11Apr11 Plu 21GF C4HcH 2K 11-7 OR 108

But the next race he contested was in a higher grade (class 2). In this race he carried a lot less weight 10st 6lbs (15lbs less) despite the fact his OR had risen.

23Apr11 Hay 20Gd C2NvHcH 13K 10-6 OR 113

His next race however dropped him back into a class 4 again and carried 11st 12lbs

17Oct11 Plu 26GF C4HcH 4K 11-12 OR 115

For further information on weight carried relative to the OR see

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