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Horse Race ContendersContender In A Horse Race

When you engage in horse race betting, choosing the winner among the contenders of the race is the first and vital thing you should consider.

However, horse race betting is like a puzzle. To pick the winner, you need to examine every angle and consider various strategies before you can fully decipher the entire picture. 

That's why, if you want to increase your chance of choosing the right horse to bet on, you will need to learn some tips that will act as a guide for you. Here are some tips to increase your chances  of picking the best contender in a horse race. 

Examine the Form

When discussing any race, this can be a helpful place to start. Of course, you'll want to wager on a racehorse that has shown success in past and present racing seasons. The appealing feature would have a lot of "1s" to show that the horse had entered the winner's enclosure multiple times.

Although several horses in the race may be in good form, you should find out when they last appeared in action. Additionally, you may hone in and discover the level of the competition they competed in. 

Depending on the breeding of their competitors, a particular horse's fifth-place finish might have been more spectacular. Studying the form is crucial to improve your chances of picking the winning horse. 

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Which Contender In A Horse Race To Back

Watch Them Closely in the Paddock

Before betting on horses in the lineup, you can check them closely in the paddock to help you decide which one you will put your bet on. Observing a horse in person can teach you a lot about its health.

A runner's physical health, level of fitness, and disposition can be evaluated at the racetrack by observing them parade in the paddock before a race. 

Generally speaking, a horse should not be ridden if it's sweating or anxious. A horse performing well in the preliminary rounds will give everything a better opportunity to perform to its full potential. A bettor aware of this will have a higher likelihood of selecting a victor.

Study the Pedigree and Breeding of the Horses

Only the best thoroughbreds breed after their careers since breeding makes up a significant portion of the racing industry.

When choosing a horse for a race (especially if it has never run before), the pedigree might provide valuable insight regarding how the horse might perform. 

For instance, it would be reasonable to suppose that the progeny would acquire some of the parents speed characteristics for example, if the  horse's sire (father) and dam (mother) were both swift sprinter types.

Similarly, if the parents were 3 mile jump chasers, their offspring would eventually develop more stamina.

The Parade RingThe Parade Ring

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Familiarize yourself with the Jockey 

The top jockeys will be allowed to ride the best runners. The best trainers typically have a lead rider who will frequently get to pick from among the several thoroughbreds participating in a race.

It can be highly telling when a top jockey chooses a specific horse for a competition because they believe it has a more significant opportunity than its stablemates.

Top jockeys will be good judges of pace, know how quickly the horse must leave the starting gate and know how to preserve the horse's energy for a late surge.

A stallion that peaks in speed at the start of a race is prone to falter if the jockey is not entirely in control. Therefore, choose a horse with a jockey that is strong and fearless in controlling horses during the race.

However, you will still need to remember that the jockey is only one of the puzzle pieces. You will still need to gather all other information to know which horse is best. 

View the Handicap Race Weights

Numerous races are referred to as handicap races, which implies that the horses in the competition are assigned varying weights based on their official ratings.

As a result, top weight refers to the horse with the best prior performance, while bottom weight refers to the horse with the worst prior performance.

Although handicapping thoroughbreds is not a precise science, it can frequently pay to choose a less heavily burdened competitor, particularly over long distances.

A horse may occasionally be thought of as having a good handicap, which frequently ranks among the favorites at sportsbooks.

Know the Trainer

You must keep a close eye on the best jockeys when placing a wager on horse racing because one can have several horses involved in a race.

It would be best to spend time researching each trainer handling each contender on a specific race you are betting. 

Some trainers are known to be the best in the industry so you will need to figure out who are the individuals behind the successes of the horses running the race.

Among the best US trainers in the industry are Bob Baffert, Todd Pletcher, and John Sadler. 

Looking for these names beside the contenders will help you know which ones have the highest chance of winning the race. 

Follow Guides and Advice

Guides and advice on increasing your chance of betting on the winning horse can be found everywhere, primarily online.

Even though you think that you are skilled and knowledgeable enough to pick the winner on your own, you can still increase your chance further if you follow guides and advice as can be found in this article. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start picking the winning horse on the race's lineup using the above guide. 

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