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Horse Race Betting Guidelines: Here's How You Can improve your Chances of Winning.

Horse racing is a good game for sports betting. It has different types of wagers that even beginners can bet on and have fun. If you want to have a chance at your horse race betting, you must remember a few things.

A Win Isn’t Guaranteed, But Chances Are Unlimited

The wins for horse race betting are not always guaranteed. However, you should not be disheartened by this fact.

Instead, keep in mind that this is what sports betting is all about. Once you have grasped your expectations about the ins and outs of betting, you are set to go. 

It would help if you do not stop after losing the first time; instead, take advantage of it. Learn from that event and collect data for your subsequent bets. Take note of the condition of every horse and inspect how they perform.

Racehorse American PharoahRacehorse American Pharoah

Betting Guidelines

Understand The Odds, Keep Away From Your Favorite 

In horse racing odds, you will see the amount of profit to the amount invested. It is usually presented in whole numbers like 4-1, and so on. So, the odds of 4-1 means that in every $1 that you invest, you can get a $4 profit in return. If your $1 wager is successful, you will get to bag $5.

On the other hand, each race has a "favorite.' The favorite is the horse that is more likely to win. You will see the letter "F" beside their odds. Sometimes, choosing the favorites is safer if you have not made up any selections yet. 

See the video for betting guidelines on the favorite.

So, when you get used to horse racing betting, you will likely get to bet on different events. That is why it would be nice learning to bet on horse racing odds so you can choose depending on your preferences and own deductive skills.

Get To Know The Selections

The next one is to get to know the selections. It is common to do some research before participating in the actual thing. It would help you select the best horse for you, giving you time to finalize your picks. That is why there are various betting guidelines that you need to consider. Here is a checklist that could help you.


The most obvious element that you should check out is its record. Learn about every horses' past performances and compare their recorded times in the exact distances. Were they faster or slower?

Running Style

Some people are particular about the running style since it sometimes affects a horse's performance. Furthermore, there are three main types of running styles. 

The first is the front runner when a horse runs in the lead. Next is the closer, where the horse runs, and there is a lot of early speed—lastly, the stalker gains momentum that overtakes lead runners.


A jockey is the one that rides the horse, and they usually play a role in the success of horse racing. In choosing your pick, ask yourself if the jockey has enough experience for you? Can they handle their horses? How long were they together with the horse? Or how long were they riding?


Trainers are also one of the most significant factors in a horse's success. They are responsible for training and overseeing a horse. So in deciding on your pick, use these betting guidelines to

a. figure out how long the trainer has been training horses?

b. Does he have any horses that have won in the past? 

Present form

More importantly, you must check out the horse's current form. Learning their current form will help you assess their condition, and it will help you understand how they are going to play the game. Did the horses sustain any injuries before? How healthy are these horses?

Jockeys await their mountsJockeys await their mounts

Put Different Types Of Wagers

Horse racing is an enjoyable sport because every game only takes less than a minute. So, bettors can also wager different types of bets. Moreover, you can take home a considerable payoff depending on your bet. Knowing the events and the wagers you can make would significantly help a lot. With that said, here are some types of wagers you should know about:

  • Straight Bets 

This type of bet is a straightforward wager that every bettor can wager on. All you have to do is to predict the winner of each event. That is called a straight win bet. The next type is the straight place and shows bets. 

  • Place Bets 

This type of wager requires you to choose a horse that would rank in first or second place.

  • Show Bets

Show bets are easier as you can win when you pick a horse that places either first, second, or third.

  • Exotic bets 

These types of bets can be mid to more intricate bets for experienced or average bettors. Vertical and horizontal types of exotic bets will require you to make multiple predictions of single or multiple events.


As long as you do mind your budget and continue learning from losses, you will eventually get the chance to win. You do not have to worry about failing because it will only help you do better. Just remember to keep this guideline in mind to have an easier time in horse race betting and raise your chances of winning. 

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