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Equestrian Sports for the 2012 Olympics

were staged at a new purpose-built equestrian sports arena at Greenwich Park, London in July and August. The venue is the oldest Royal Park in London, dating back to 1433 and was made a World Heritage Site in 1997 and is also home to the Royal Observatory.

Charlotte Dujardin

Equestrian Sports News for Olympics 2012

Charlotte Dujardin of Great Britain riding Valegro won Individual Dressage Gold with 90.089 per cent.

Dutch rider Adelinde Cornelissen riding Parzival gained the silver medal and Laura Bechtolsheimer of Great Britain riding Mistral Hojris won bronze.

The individual showjumping gold went to Switzerland - full medal results:




The Team Eventing gold went to Germany with Great Britain winning silver and New Zealand the bronze.

The Individual Eventing was won by Michael Jung of Germany with Sweden taking silver and Germany the bronze.

The Team Dressage gold medal was won by Great Britain with Germany winning the silver and Netherlands the bronze.

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Great Britain's showjumping team of Nick Skelton (Big Star), Peter Charles (Vindicat), Ben Maher (Tripple X III) and Scott Brash (Hello Sanctus)- Skelton secured the Gold Medal in heart-stopping style.

Great Britain and the Netherlands could not be separated on points after two days of competition and the ensuing jump-off finally went the way of the British team when Peter Charles went clear on the last round. Saudi Arabia won the bronze.

Germany clinch victory in the equestrian sports eventing competitionwith Great Britain claiming silver ahead of New Zealand who claimed the bronze medal.

Jung of Germany won the individual event with a score of 40.60 narrowly beating Sara Algotsson Ostholt of Sweden on 43.30. While Auffarth, Germany gained the individual bronze medal. 30th July 2012

Zara Phillips lifted the GB eventing team into silver medal position going into the final day of the team eventing competition with 130.20 points.

The German team lead with 124.70 points with Sweden in 3rd with 131.40 points.

29th July 2012 Equestrian Sports News

After the first day of the 2012 Olympics eventing dressage programme two Germans lead the way with Great Britain in 3rd place.

Ingrid Klimke on Butts Abraxxas 39.3

Dirk Schrade on King Artus 39.8

Mary King on Imperial Cavalier 40.9

Dressage Horse

Competitors from all over the world will come together to literally jump, skip and hop their way through an arduous journey of the 3 demanding routines - Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping - that make up modern day Equestrian Sports.

The three disciplines for equestrians at the Olympics are competed for as individuals and teams

Dressage is the balance between horse and rider expressed in movement 

Team dressage

Every horse and rider pair perform a battery of movements and the best three scores from each team's four pairs are added together to give a score for each team.

The medal winners of the Equestrian Sports Olympics 2008 were:

Gold Germany (GER)

Silver Netherlands (NED)

Bronze Denmark 

Team eventing is contested in 3 sections:

1. Dressage -

2. Cross Country -

3. Show Jumping -

Every rider completes each section and penalty points are awarded. The best three scores from up to 5 pairs for each team are added together to give a final score for each team.

The medal winners of the Equestrian Sports 2008 Olympics were:

Gold Germany (GER)

Silver Australia (AUS)

Bronze Great Britain (GBR)

Show Jumper

Team jumping

The second and third rounds of show-jumping from the individual jumping event were used to determine scores for the team round.

The best three scores from teams having more than three competing pairs were used to determine the team score.

Jumping Penalties

Obstacle knocked down - 4

1st horse disobedience - 4

Hooves in water jump - 4

1st fall of rider - 4

2nd fall of rider - 8

2nd horse disobedience - elimination

Fall of horse - elimination

Exceeding time limit - elimination

The medal winners of the 2008 Olympics were:

Gold United States (USA)

Silver Canada (CAN)

Bronze Switzerland (SUI) 

Individual dressage is contested in 3 sections

1. Each rider performs a battery of movements and the 25 riders with the highest marks awarded by five judges go on to the next round.

2. The top 25 riders again perform the tests and the 15 riders with the highest marks awarded by the five judges go on to the final round.

3. This round consistes of a Freestyle Test choreographed by each rider and set to music. The judges scores are based on artisitic and technical merit and the final scores are based on the average results of the Freestyle and Tests of the previous round.

The medal winners of the 2008 Olympics were:

Gold Anky van Grunsven on Salinero Netherlands (NED)

Silver Isabell Werth on Satchmo Germany (GER)

Bronze Heike Kemmer on Bonaparte Germany (GER)

Individual eventing is contested in 4 sections:

1. Dressage - Three judges give each rider a score out of 10 for 10 separate elements. The scores are then averaged and the result subtracted from 100 and multiplied by 1.5 to give a number of penalty points.

2. Cross Country - The rider must complete a 4.56km course of 29 obstacles in 8 minutes. Four penalty points are awarded for every second above that time and twenty penalty points for every obstacle not cleanly jumped.

3. Show Jumping (1) - The rider must complete a course of obstacles. One penalty point is awarded for every second above the maximum time for the course and four penalty points for every obstacle not cleanly jumped or refused.

4. Show Jumping (2) - The top 25 riders after the first jumping section(limited to three pairs per nation) contest the second section of jumping; the scores from this are added to the scores of the first three phases to give a grand total.

The medal winners of the Equestrian Sports Olympics 2008 were:

Gold Hinrich Romeike on Marius Germany (GER)

Silver Gina Miles on McKinlaigh United States (USA)

Bronze Kristina Cook on Miners Frolic Great Britain (GBR) 

Individual jumpingis contested over 5 rounds in 2 sections:

Rounds 1-3 eliminate all but the top 35 riders

Round 4 eliminates all but the top 20 riders

Round 5 the scores of this final round are added to the score of the previous round to give a grand total.

The medal winners of the 2008 Olympics were:

Gold Eric Lamaze on Hickstead Canada (CAN)

Silver Rolf-Göran Bengtsson on Ninja Sweden (SWE)

Bronze Beezie Madden on Authentic United States (USA) 

Equestrian Sports Olympics 2012 timetable

Eventing [Team and individual]

Sat 28 July: 10.00-16.15 Dressage, day 1

Sun 29 July: 10.00-16.15 Dressage, day 2

Mon 30 July: 12.30-17.30 Cross-country

Tues 31 July: 10.30-16.00 Showjumping and medal ceremonies


Thurs 2 Aug: 11.00-15.30 Team dressage: day 1

Fri 3 Aug: 11.00-15.30 Team dressage: day 2

Tues 7 Aug: 10.00-16.15 Team dressage: finals and medal ceremony

Thurs 9 Aug: 12.30-16.30 Individual dressage: GP freestyle and medal ceremony


Sat 4 Aug: 10.30-14.15 Individual: 1st qualifier

Team: qualifier for round 1

Sun 5 Aug: 11.00-14.30 Team: round 1

Mon 6 Aug: 14.00-17.30 Team: round 2 and medal ceremony

Wed 8 Aug: 12.00-16.35 Individual: final rounds and medal ceremony

Riders to note UK

Piggy French - winner of the Olympic Test Event 2011 and a member of the UK World Class Squad will ride DHI Topper W at the 2012 Olympic Games. Her other horse Jakata has suffered an injury and will ot take part.

Other members of the UK team are:

Tina Cook riding Miners Frolic

William Fox-Pitt riding Lionheart

Mary King riding Imperial Cavalier

Zara Phillips riding High Kingdom

Carl Hester winner of the equestrian "Olympic athlete of the year" award 2011 and part of the gold medal-winning team at the European Dressage Championships

Mary King crowned eventing's world number one 2011

Equestrian Sports Riders to note USA

Reed Kessler, a 17 year old showjumper will be the youngest rider ever to contest an Olympics - she will have reached the the age limit of eighteen by the start of the Olympics.

The members of the US team are

Rich Fellers riding Flexible

Beezie Madden riding Coral Reef Via Volo

Reed Kessler riding Cylana

McLain Ward riding Antares F

Charlie Jayne riding Chill RZ

Riders to note Netherlands

Anky Van Grunsven - already won 3 golds in 6 Olympics and a total of 8 dressage medals winning gold in 2004 while pregnant

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