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Tax dodge?

by Rob

Aidan O'Brien

Aidan O'Brien

Why is it that you often see a change of racehorse ownership to the SAME owner. For instance:
Change of Owner: Mr D. Smith, Mrs J. Magnier, Mr M. Tabor to Derrick Smith, Mrs J. Magnier & M. Tabor.
This is very frequent within the O’brien stable.
What are they getting from it?

Answer: The change of ownership is often done within the O'Brien stable to ensure horses are eligible for different types of races and to move them around to different racetracks to give them the best chance of success.

For example, transferring horses from Mr. D. Smith to Derrick Smith, from Mrs J. Magnier to Mrs J. Magnier and Mr. M. Tabor, or vice-versa.

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Aug 03, 2023

by: Chris

I have contacted the BHA regarding this issue but have not received a reply.

You could try contacting them or the Jockey Association https://www.thepja.co.uk/

Aug 01, 2023
Emily Dickinson
by: Rob

Emily Dickinson has changed ownership 6 times! to the same owners! O’brien stable yet again. There must be some financial benefit to this.

Feb 28, 2023
No, that’s not right
by: Rob

That answer doesn’t sound feasible. You don’t need to change ownership to enter horses at different courses. That’s nonsense.

Answer: I will look into this further for you:)

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