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by Madison Lee
(Winterly, Cheshire)

A Cob Mare

A Cob Mare

Can Cobs race if they are fit, forward going and in good health?

I enclose a picture of the mare in question.

Answer: A Cob is usually considered a stoutly built horse a little larger than a pony at around 14.2 hands high.

The most common breed is the Welsh cob which is often employed as a work horse for pulling loads or for general riding.

Some cobs are used for hunting and show jumping and occasionally for point-to-point racing. They are usually sure footed and reliable with an excellent temperment

However the cob as a breed, is generally too small to be effective as a racehorse, either on the flat or over jumps under rules. However there are often local pony club races and other fun events which sometimes include a cob race.

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