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Racing Affordability Checks

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Racing Affordability Checks - an introduction to what the Gambling Commission's proposals will mean for the average horse racing punter.

As an avid horse racing enthusiast and a sporting punter, you are likely familiar with the thrilling charge of the race and the flutter of excitement as you place your bet. But recent developments have perhaps added a note of concern to these pursuits. In the UK and Ireland, the government and the Gambling Commission are reviewing proposals for "racing affordability checks".

Understanding Affordability Checks

What does this mean for you? The push for affordability checks is based on the commendable aim of mitigating financial harms from gambling. Such checks assess the extent to which players can afford their gambling activity without experiencing hardship.

The Proposals

The proposed affordability checks involve operators needing to establish spending thresholds for consumers, who will then be required to provide evidence that they can afford to spend above these thresholds without experiencing harm.

Latest Update May 8th 2024

The Gambling Commission has now announced plans to introduce the proposed affordability checks for gamblers in the UK. The checks will be introduced in two stages, with a pilot scheme starting in August 2024.

The pilot will test different forms of data that will be used to inform a customer's risk assessment. The Gambling Commission has said that the checks will not be formally introduced until they are frictionless for the "vast majority" of customers.

The racing industry has welcomed the announcement of the pilot scheme, but has called for more detail on how the checks will be implemented. The industry is concerned that the checks could have a negative impact on racing's revenues.

The announcement of the pilot scheme was also welcomed, but there are calls for the checks to be targeted on those at risk and not to impact the vast majority of punters who bet safely and responsibly.

Chester RacegoersChester Racegoers

Chris Cook writing for the Racing Post argues that the Gambling Commission's report on affordability checks consultation downplays the strength of opposition.

  • The report uses neutral language and avoids mentioning the scale of opposition.
  • The report mentions the number of responses from various groups but excludes those who worked in the gambling industry.
  • The report acknowledges some concerns raised by respondents but doesn't engage with them directly.

The author highlights the frustration that the Commission seems dismissive of arguments against affordability checks.

The Gambling Commission has finally published a response to the consultation on affordability checks. Here's a summary:

  • Light-touch affordability checks: Introduced in stages, starting from £500 net deposit in 30 days (until Feb 2025) and then at £150. Won't consider factors like postcode or employment. Starts on August 30th, 2024.

  • Enhanced affordability checks (pilot): Tests how to do checks without needing customers to provide financial documents. Runs from August 30th, 2024 to March 31st, 2025 (with a possible extension). 

  • Uses credit reference agencies to assess risk based on customer data they already have. No final decision on these checks until at least 2025.
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Racing Affordability Checks - Who it Impacts

This affects not just racing enthusiasts but all customers engaging in online, and potentially offline, gambling activities. This extends from the weekly flutterers to the more high-stakes participants, encompassing a vast field of betting fans.

Your Betting Journey

As dedicated or casual punters engaging with horse racing betting, the freedom to place bets with relative privacy has been part of your betting journey. But now, these changes mean that bookmakers may request financial information from you sooner rather than later.

How it Will Work

  • Passive checks: Operators would be required to conduct regular affordability checks on customers who have a net loss beyond £125 each month, or £500 per year. These checks would involve looking at the customer's income and expenditure to assess whether they can afford to gamble what they are.
  • Active checks: Operators would be required to conduct more detailed affordability checks on customers who lose £1,000 within 24 hours, or £2,000 over a period of 90 days. 

These checks could involve asking the customer for information about their debts and assets. This could be in the form of payslips, bank statements or other proof of earnings and could lead to the customer's betting limits being reduced or even their account being suspended. These checks would contribute to a more responsible gambling landscape.

The Intent of the Checks

The idea is not to curtail the entertainment and thrill that betting on horse races provides. Instead, it's to ensure that the pastime does not turn into a problem, impacting punters financially or otherwise.

Punter Concerns

Understandably, the proposed racing affordability checks have aroused concerns among the racing fraternity. Foremost among them is the apprehension that these checks may impede on their personal freedom, requiring them to disclose sensitive financial information.

These concerns not only affect punters but the whole of the horse racing fraternity including race horse owners, trainers, stable staff, jockeys and racecourses and bookmakers.

The trainer John Gosden has warned that affordability checks have already seen punters moving their betting activities to unregulated black market operators.

John GosdenTrainer John Gosden

Balancing Act

The Gambling Commission faces a balancing act between protecting consumers and acknowledging legitimate fears about privacy and the freedom to enjoy oneself within reasonable and responsible limits.

Divisions Among Stakeholders

Views on the proposal are divided. Some industry figures express concerns about the impact on customer enjoyment and betting revenue. Others endorse the move as an encouraging step towards responsible gambling.

Industry Opinion: Negative

Critics argue that the limit set for losses is unrealistic for many consumers, who can well afford to spend more without suffering financial harm. Bookmakers, too, raise concerns about significant revenue loss, which they claim could have repercussions for the sport of horse racing itself.

Industry Opinion: Positive

On the other end, proponents applaud the move as a measure that augments the responsible gambling framework and safeguards against potential harm to vulnerable individuals from excessive losses.

Overseas Impact

Concerns abound about the international impact. The changes could potentially affect not just horse racing in the UK and Ireland, but also racing abroad by altering the player betting habits, thereby affecting the international betting revenue.

Can We Influence Outcomes?

As consumers and avid fans of horse racing, you may wonder what these proposals mean in practical terms, and if you can do anything to influence these outcomes. Here your voice can indeed make a difference.

Having Your Say

The Gambling Commission has sought public opinion on these proposals. Keep an eye on such initiatives – your opinions, experiences and concerns matter, making a difference in shaping the future of horse racing betting.

What if the Measures are Implemented?

If these racing affordability checks are implemented, operators may facilitate them through a Quick Affordability Check – a new tool that will protect your sensitive data while ensuring you are gambling within affordable limits.

Where Does this Leave Us?

While it is clear that striking the right balance between consumer protection and maintaining the enjoyment of sports betting is a complex issue, these proposals show that tides are shifting towards a more responsible gambling environment in horse racing betting.

Ascot RacecourseAscot Racecourse

An Evolving Landscape

As an involved member of the sporting punter fraternity - keeping abreast of these changes, voicing your opinions, and adapting to the evolving landscape will help ensure your enjoyment of the sport for years to come.

Understanding the Context: A Global Shift

The UK is not alone in this endeavour. In Australia, similar measures are being discussed. The world is shifting towards a more regulated gambling environment, ensuring that sports betting remains a pastime and not a concern.

Transparency in Betting

Greater transparency between consumers and bookmakers might indeed bring benefits. It allows the industry to keep offering exciting sports betting opportunities while ensuring that player protection is a key focus.

A Culture of Responsibility

The proposed racing affordability checks could catalyse a wider cultural shift towards responsible gambling – transforming perceptions, habits and practices associated with horse racing betting.

The Racing Post has released a video to uncover the truth of claims surrounding the new proposals - see below:

Support Systems

The proposed measures come with reassurances of safeguarding individual's sensitive information and affirmations of using such data purely for ensuring safe gambling practices.

The Power of Adaptation

Adapting to new norms is part and parcel of keeping a passion alive. While affordability checks might be a significant shift in what you're used to, it is a step to ensure the longevity of the betting culture, something that we as fans strive for.

A Hopeful Future

Taking that into account, there is hope. Hope that the shift won't dim the thrill of a horse race, or the satisfaction of a well-placed wager. Instead, the objective is to make sure that passion retains its positive aspects, without costing more than it should.

The Future of Betting

While there is a lot of discourse about the uncertainties surrounding racing affordability checks, the way forward could be encouraging. A future where you can enjoy the races and place bets, assured that the industry has taken steps to prevent gambling from causing harm.

In Conclusion

Your passion for horse racing betting is matched with the industry's eagerness to keep delivering this thrilling experience. As it evolves, you will too, finding ways to enjoy betting responsibly, regardless of the amount staked.

Looking Ahead

As we keep monitoring these proposals, the key takeaway is this - the true essence of punters' excitement is in respecting the sport and the spirit of betting, which, at its heart, is about enjoyment and thrill, not financial harm. As long as that remains, horse racing betting will continue to flourish in the UK, Ireland, and beyond.

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