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Omni Payouts

by Jan

Newmarket Racegoers

Newmarket Racegoers

Why does an Omni bet on some longshot race horses pay so little

Answer: The low payout for Omni bets on longshot racehorses comes down to risk and probability.

Here's the breakdown:

Longshots: These are horses with low perceived chances of winning. Their odds reflect this, meaning a successful bet pays out significantly more than the initial bet amount. For example, a $10 bet on a 20-to-1 longshot that wins could net you $200.

Omni bets: These are multi-horse bets where your chosen horse just needs to finish in a certain position (e.g., top 3) out of the entire field, regardless of the exact order. While this seems easier than picking the outright winner, it still carries risk.

Low payout on Omni bets with longshots:

High probability of other horses fulfilling the condition: Even though the longshot you chose may have low odds of winning, there are probably several other horses with similarly low odds. This increases the chances of a different horse fulfilling the Omni bet condition (e.g., finishing in the top 3), reducing the potential payout for your longshot pick.

Balancing risk and reward: Bookmakers need to balance the potential payouts with the actual likelihood of the bet winning. While a longshot winning outright would lead to a high payout, the bookmaker also has to consider the scenario where several other horses can fulfill the Omni bet condition for a longshot. To maintain profitability, they adjust the odds to ensure even payouts across different scenarios.

In simpler terms, while the potential payout for a longshot in an Omni bet might seem high compared to your initial wager, the increased likelihood of other horses fulfilling the condition due to their similar longshot status brings down the actual payout you receive.

Remember, betting always involves risk and careful consideration. Researching horses, understanding different bet types, and managing your bankroll responsibly are crucial for informed betting decisions.

I hope this explanation clarifies why Omni bets on longshot horses sometimes offer seemingly low payouts. If you have any further questions or would like to delve deeper into specific race scenarios, feel free to ask!

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