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Official off times at Kranji

by Brian
(Glasgow, Scotland)

I put a bet on today with ladbrokes in the 11.20am race on number 4. It won and paid 11.70 for a pound stake and I bet 3 on it. I was delighted until I went to collect and was told the race was just over a mile and the race was nearly finished when I placed my bet.

I know for fact I didn't place it after the off as I watched my horse coming out the stalls and it was stone last, I actually stood and watched the last 2 being loaded.

Ladbrokes official off time funny enough was 11.20am and no seconds, can you please help me as there is no way I put that bet on after the off.

I can't find the official off time anywhere. Ladbrokes have made a mistake and robbed me but I have no way of proving it.

Answer: I assume you placed the bet online with Ladbrokes - there can often be a slight delay in the time you place the bet and the time it is accepted.

As the Kranji track is in Singapore there will also have been a delay in the time you receive the pictures from the track which lead you to believe the horses were being loaded where in fact the race had actually started.

I agree it is very frustrating when a winner is missed in this way but you are unlikely to convince Ladbrokes in this instance.

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