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Mecca Bingo Online

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Mecca Bingo online is just one of a growing number of bingo websites that have proliferated in recent years largely due to the relaxation in rules governing advertisements following the 2005 Gambling Act.

Mecca Bingo Online Winner

A typical evening’s entertainment for bingo player Marylyn Bronte, 51 centres round 2 or 3 hours of an evening playing this bingo site.

“I prefer to stay in and play bingo or online lotteries comfortably at home than have a night out down the pub”, she says. “I like a smoke and you can’t do that at a traditional high street bingo hall."

Even newspapers like the Sun and Daily Mail are getting in on the act which helps compensate for falling newspaper sales.

For the uninitiated, bingo is a game of chance which originated in high street bingo halls.

Players listen to a caller shouting random numbers between 1 and 90 (using familiar phrases such as clickety click – 66) crossing off each called number that happens to be on their individual card. The first player to cross off all their numbers wins the prize on offer.

Advertising is aimed at women who are twice as likely to play as men, partly due to the social nature of the game, especially the online version. 

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Mecca Bingo Online Chatrooms

Websites such as Macca Bingo online offer chat rooms which prove a key element in attracting younger players. Unlike bingo halls, girls can chat to other players during the course of a game and can even send each other personal messages. 

Online bingo sites facilitate play by filling in cards automatically thus eliminating errors and incorrect calls.

Costs for a card typically range from 1p to 10p or more and prizes tend to be small. Although they can run into £1,000’s depending on the number of players in the game.

Although a game of chance, bingo is not seen as gambling and relaxation in the rules governing advertisements, following the 2005 Gambling Act has resulted in the rapid growth of bingo sites

 Among the big brands, Mecca Bingo reports that a fifth of the money it now takes is online, rather than in bingo halls.

Some of the best Bingo sites include:

Betfair Bingo established 2000 has a good reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Offers a £50 bonus.

Wink Bingo boasts great variety of games, customer support and withdrawal options. Offers a 200 euros bonus. boasts over 40 years’ experience in operating in the UK market, this online casino is featured as one of the highest rated bingo sites. Offers a 100 euros bonus.

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