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Impartial Tipster Reviewers

by John

Horse Racing

Horse Racing

I am inundated by emails from tipsters and tipping platforms.

It is obvious to me that many of these people promote each other, I presume this is on a reciprocal basis.

Do you know of any reviewers that one can trust without the suspicion that there is any ulterior motive?

I wish Tanya Stevenson would start a service. I really miss her expertise and integrity.

Answer: Thanks for contacting me to ask about impartial tipster reviewers.

To be honest you would probably be the best judge of a tipster's credentials.

I would suggest you check out tipster proofing sites such as

Tipping Index
Tip Exchange

Check the best performing tipsters, say the top 2 at each site.

Check the results for the past 3 months to see if they are consistent.

Write your own review of the 2 or 3 most promising to clarify your thoughts.

Then you will have reviews which you can trust.

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