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How To Understand The Cheltenham Odds 2024

Learn how to understand the Cheltenham odds 2024

Are you excited about the 2024 Cheltenham Festival? Yes? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll let you know all about this year’s odds.

Cheltenham RacecourseCheltenham Racecourse

You’ll learn how to read and understand odds, so that you can make wise choices when betting on a horse. We’ll also identify the sites with the best odds this season and the extra special sites offering Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG).

Read on to become fluent in 2024’s Cheltenham Festival odds. Let’s begin by learning more about fractional odds and get to grips with how to read them properly.

How To Read Cheltenham Odds

Betting on Cheltenham odds 2024 from the UK? This means that you’ll be faced with fractional odds — which remain the most popular in the UK. While decimal odds appear in the format X.X, fractional odds in the UK are shown as X/X. They’re easier to understand than American odds, but still require a quick bit of learning. Let us show you how to read them.

We’ll use 13/1 as an example to demonstrate how easy it is to understand the odds you’ll see. The number on the right-hand side of the fraction is the bet itself. It doesn’t have to be £1 but let’s assume it is.

The number on the left of the fraction represents the amount of cash you could win if your horse wins the race. A £1 bet with the odds 13/1 would see you win £13 if your horse places first. Plus you’ll receive your initial stake of £1 back, totalling £14.

You can bet as much as you want to. The winnings will reflect the stake. If you bet £10 with 13/1 odds, you’ll receive £130 in winnings plus the £10 you bet.

Whatever you multiply the number on the right by, do the same to the left to see your potential winnings. If you bet £15 on 13/1 odds, you’ve multiplied 1 by 15. 13 multiplied by 15 is £195, meaning that winnings plus your stake is £210.

Often, you’ll see the number one on the right-hand side of the fraction but sometimes it could be another number. Let’s imagine the example 13/2. This simply means that you’d win £13 for every £2 you stake. A £6 bet would, therefore, generate three multiplied by 13 — £39.

What Are The Best Cheltenham Odds?

Sligo Bookmakers Setting UpSligo Bookmakers Setting Up

The odds on offer for this year’s Cheltenham Festival event vary depending on which provider you use to place your bet. AK Bets, Betway, Sky Bet, Paddy Power, Betfair, BetVictor Sports, BoyleSports, Betfred and talkSPORT BET are all offering great odds at the festival this year, but which are among the best?

There are plenty of races to get excited about on Tuesday 12th March, including the Sky Bet Supreme Novices Hurdle event. This 1:30 pm race offers great odds through Sky Bet and Paddy Power. With Sky Bet, you can enjoy 11/10 odds on Ballyburn. Meanwhile, Paddy Power is offering 5/1 on Mystical Power.

On the Wednesday, get excited for the Brown Advisory Novices Chase race with great odds on offer from talkSPORT BET and Betfred. With the latter, you can enjoy 11/2 odds on Grey Dawning while the former is offering 4/5 on Face To File. With these odds, you’d win £4 for every £5 bet — but remember that you’d get back your initial stake too.

Thursday 14th March is a new day at Cheltenham Festival. On this day, it’s the turn of events including Pertemps Network Final Handicap Hurdle and Ryanair Chase. At the Pertemps Network Final Handicap Hurdle race, there’s 8/1 on Gaoth Chuil with BetVictor. The Ryanair Chase event sees Betfair with odds of 11/4 on Banbridge.

The JCB Triumph Hurdle is part of Cheltenham Festival’s Friday line-up, promising an unmissable race. Betfair is on hand with great odds on horse Sir Gino at 4/6. The main event this day is the Cheltenham Gold Cup at 3:30 pm. Previously won twice by famous horse Kauto Star, Paddy Power has odds of 1/1 on Galopin Des Champs this year. 

Cheltenham non-runner money back markets

The non-runner no-bet offer gives customers the added protection of an ante-post bet before the Cheltenham Festival. If the ante-post selection does not run then the bet will be void and customers will receive their stake back.

Horses of interest for non-runner no-bet offers offered by the Betfair Sportsbook:

  1. Ballyburn for Willie Mullins is entered in both the Supreme Novices' Hurdle - the odds offered are 1/1

The Baring Bingham Novices' Hurdle  - the odds offered are 10/1

    2. Fact To File for Willie Mullins is entered in both  Brown Advisory - the odds offered are 6/4 

The Turners Novices' Chase.  - the odds offered are 5/4

Which Sites Offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

If you’ve not heard of Best Odds Guaranteed before, let us explain. Best Odds Guaranteed, sometimes stylised as BOG promotions, are offered by some but not all sites.

These promotions entitle players to the best odds. If you place an early bet on an upcoming horse race and the odds get better closer to the event, you’ll get full advantage of the better odds.

What does this mean in practice? Well, if you bet 5/1 on a horse - you can expect to win £5 for every £1 you bet come race day. But if the odds have changed on the day to 10/1, you’ll be participating with those new odds, meaning that you’d win £10 for every £1 you bet.

With the UK being one of the leading betting markets in Europe, it’s no wonder BOG promotions have become so popular. When it comes to Cheltenham, there are three providers offering Best Odds Guaranteed. BoyleSports, Paddy Power and Sky Bet are all offering BOG promotions throughout the Cheltenham Festival, meaning that you could boost your winnings on race day.

Summary Of How To Understand The Cheltenham Odds 2024

This guide explains how to read Cheltenham Festival betting odds, which are in fractional format (e.g., 13/1). It highlights websites with good odds and Best Odds Guaranteed promotions (BOG), where you get the highest odds available, even if they change after your bet.

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