Horse Race Betting Markets

To be consistently successful in horse race betting it’s important for the punters to be fully aware of all the well-known  betting markets and then use certain-specific strategies to benefit from them regularly.

Horse Racing on the flat

Mastering a horse race betting market such as each-way bets can help you gradually build a solid bankroll for your betting endeavours. Here’s all about horses and horse racing tips from a popular news portal.

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Horse Race Betting Markets

Each way bets

Although they seem pretty complicated, each way bets are the simplest of them all. These bets are about backing a certain horse to finish in either of the top two positions.

You take home the winning amount like any normal ‘win bet’ if the horse finishes in first position, and you also register some profit if it finishes in second position.

Each way is one of the most commonly placed bets on a horse race. It offers punters something to fall back on if their preferred horse fails to get its head in front at the finish line.

Bet Without

This one is a fairly new bet type wherein gamblers can place a bet on a horse where the favourite is no longer included in the market. These types of bet give punters an opportunity to back a different horse than the favourite at comparatively better odds.

Accumulator bets

These are bets where you can back multiple horses at the same time. For instance, the super-heinz, double, the goliath and treble.

As there are multiple horses included in the bet, the returns are high if one gets all the predictions right. A large number of horse race betting portals offer attractive accumulators to the punters, along with effective betting tips.

Forecast bets

While the standard bets are about betting on a certain horse to win the race, there is an alternative way you can bet on them – forecast. These bets are about picking 3 or 4 horses that you expect to cross the finish line ahead of all others, in a specific order.

In the same way, you can also opt for a reverse forecast bet wherein you predict the first few to cross the finish line, without the need for specifying the order.

Reverse forecast bets

As explained above, reverse forecast bets are forecast bets wherein you don’t need to specify the order of the top few race finishers. However, you might be asked to double your bet amount as the chances of the outcome are comparatively higher in these bets.

The bet amount of reverse forecast is normally the same as each-way bets. The reason you’re asked to pay double is because you are backing a horse to come in not just the first two, but in the third and fourth position too.

To conclude, being successful in horse race betting is a lot to do with being well-informed. If the Queen of England can do it then so can you!

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