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I wondered if you would be interested in receiving guest blog articles on horse racing to go alongside your betting tips?

They could help attract traffic that are searching for horse racing articles to read and then be interested in your tips?

I have access to a team of writers that also freelance as commentators so have lots of knowledge and interesting opinions on racing.

Here are some examples of our articles on sites we currently work with to give you an idea of the type of articles we can produce:

After reading these do you think it could be something of interest to you to receive a few pieces a month to go in your blog?

You will see in the articles there are two external links in the piece which is how I’m able to offer content free of charge.

I can ask the writer to cover specific races or topics of your choice, or perhaps you would like me to ask the writer to include a few of your own keywords so that you can add some internal links to the pieces.

I can be flexible and would like to work with you so would be eager to hear your thoughts.

Thanks and kind regards


Answer: Hello Alex - yes I think the readers of Horse4course-racetips would welcome professionally written articles on subjects of interest. Email me at

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