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Form Ratings For Horse Races

Form Ratings For Horse RacesForm Ratings For Horse Races

Hey there, I'm Rob, your new buddy who, believe it or not, didn't know the first thing about horse racing a while back. But two things I've got a handle on? Mathematic equations and the art of straightforward betting strategies.

I'm no jockey, but what I am is a real whizz at turning complex numbers into useful data. Add some experienced horse race betting pals into the mix, and voila - we built the Form Ratings software! So, what's the secret sauce? We bring everything down to 'Simple Six' - just six numbers that let you compare every horse against every other horse in any race you fancy.  

Form Ratings for horse races is a bit like the Ghostbusters of betting software - it's massively powerful, but you don't need a PhD to operate it. All you need is a glance, and you can see the Simple Six for all horses in each and every race. It's about telling the story in the stats. 

Maths geek or not - fret not! In fact, if you can play Top Trumps, you can use the Simple Six to figure out the horse racing data in a jiffy. And hey, if you're more into a set and forget system, no worries! We've got you covered with dozens of automated, thoroughly tested systems and strategies ready and waiting.

Download ratings to a computerDownload ratings to a computer

Just imagine what you'll get with Form Ratings - right at your fingertips you have our Simple Six, designed for everyday folks like you. We'll keep you close, guiding you and showing you just how easy it is to navigate the world of betting. Plus we're just a phone call or email away.

Your pick of the day is served daily, and you're going to get the complete lowdown - jockeys' track records, preferred speed, distance, recent results and more. No more face-palm moments of "Why did I back that??". Instead, you're all set to make educated, data-driven betting decisions, thank you very much!

As for that magic Simple Six, here's the low down:

• LR - Last Run. This intimates how each horse in the race fared last time out. 

• 2LR - Second to Last Run. Handy when you want to suss out more entrenched form.

• 3LR - Third from Last Run. This one's a charm to discern whether form is temporary or class is permanent.

• SPD - Speed. Who's charging like a bull and who's as slow as a tortoise?

• HRS - Horse Race Score. This shows how well a horse has done in similar races.

• FRN – Form Ratings Number. This is the Mac Daddy of all ratings.

Form Ratings For Horse Races

Did I mention you'll get daily form ratings on all UK and Irish horse races? Well, you will. Then you're ready to rock and roll with an easy-to-follow summation of each horse's rating. It'll be your wizardly guide to making your own smart choices, your way.

Once you've got your daily form ratings racecard, most of the graft is done. Our advanced algorithm has already weighed up all the necessary factors: jockey, track, past performances...the works! So, mug of tea in hand, all you have to do is check our 'Pick of the Day'. 

Whether you're backing top-rated horses or lay betting horses at short prices, Form Ratings provides FREE flexible strategies that suit YOU.

Getting to grips with the racing world can be a bit of a whirlwind, but we have a few 'shortcuts' to help lighten the load. Think of them as bite-sized horse racing snacks, giving you the nitty-gritty on today's top-rated horses across four main ratings: Last Race, Speed, Horse Race Score, and Form Ratings Number.

Important to note though, these shortcuts aren't betting tips - they're just a helpful snapshot! Always trust your own judgement and dive deeper before backing a horse.

Japan Horses

Now, let's talk about 'Smart Selections'. This is a special offer for our gold members. We basically do the brain-work for you, looking for patterns in data according to your chosen strategy. We will then whip up a Smart Selection list of horses that meet your criteria, and voila - you've got your own tailor-made shortlist! Friendly reminder - these are not 'tips'. Just a tool to help you filter through all the data. 

Need some support? You got it! Our Knowledge Base has your back with articles to help you get going and answer any questions that pop up. In addition, there's a whole squad of Form Ratings fanatics on our Facebook Group itching to share their wisdom. Plus we've set you up with a wealth of video tutorials and guides in our members' area. 

Don't forget, our friendly team and I are just a shout away, ready to help you ace your horse racing betting. So, let's saddle up and get cracking with Form Ratings!

Promoting Form Ratings

Fancy making some extra dough promoting Form Ratings? Sign up as an affiliate and enjoy a 50% lifetime commission on any subscriptions/sales your leads make!

You'll have full access to loads of marketing materials to help you spread the word and start earning. Don't worry about tracking your progress - we'll send you a breakdown of your earnings at the start of each month. Happy promoting!

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