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Explanation of words and degree of difficulty at race courses.

by John Stanbury

Horse Racecourses

Horse Racecourses

In the descriptions of courses there are words like "galloping", "stiff" etc. Is there a definition for these words that is universal in horse racing for these descriptive terms and if so, could you include a glossary of terms on the web site please.

As a punter, I am interested to know whether there is a list of the hardest (slowest) to the easiest (fast)courses. This would possibly assist in measuring a horses capability by comparing it's performance at different tracks.

Thank you, John Stanbury

Answer: Most course are unique in their characteristics but in general here are the main terms;

Galloping Track: Track has easy wide turns with few undulations which suits a long striding horse that likes to gallop without turning too much

Sharp Track: similar to tight track

Stiff Fences: Difficult to jump - being either high, wide, with drops in the ground or water beyond the fence.

Stiff Track: refers to a rise in the ground which can sap a horse's stamina especially when going is soft

Tight Track: a track with tight bends which suits a nimble horse

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