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1971 payoffs for Jim French in the Kentucky Derby, Belmont and Preakness

by David
(Bloomington, Indiana)

In 1971, How much would a $5000 across-the-board bet on the horse Jim French paid off in the derby, Belmont, and Preakness races?

Answer: Here's the calculation for Jim French coming second in 2 races and third in one race with a $5000 across-the-board bet:

**Place Payout:**

1. **Place odds:** We need the place odds for each race, which would vary based on the specific horses and conditions in 1971. Let's assume an average place payout of 1.8 for 2nd place and 1.2 for 3rd place.

2. **Place payout for 2nd place finishes:** Place payout per race = $5000 (bet amount) * 1.8 (average place multiplier for 2nd) = $9000

3. **Total payout for 2nd place finishes:** Since Jim French placed 2nd in two races, the total place payout for 2nd place finishes would be:
Total payout for 2nd place = $9000/race * 2 races = $18,000

4. **Show payout for 3rd place finish:** Show payout per race = $5000 (bet amount) * 1.2 (average show multiplier for 3rd) = $6000

5. **Total payout for show:** Since Jim French placed 3rd in one race, the total show payout would be:
Total payout for show = $6000/race * 1 race = $6000

**Win Payout:**

Since Jim French didn't win any races, the win portion of the across-the-board bet pays out nothing: Win payout = $0

**Total Payout:**

Therefore, the total payout for the $5000 across-the-board bet would be:
Total payout = Place payout for 2nd + Show payout + Win payout
= $18,000 + $6,000 + $0
= $24,000

It's important to remember that this is an estimate based on the assumed average place and show multipliers. The actual payout would depend on the specific place and show odds offered for Jim French in each of the 1971 races.

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