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Wthdrawal Of A Horse

Deauville Racecourse

Deauville Racecourse

At one stage can I withdraw a horse from a race

Answer: I assume you refer to cancelling a bet on a horse. If you place a bet on the exchanges such as Betfair or Betdaq and your bet has not been matched then you can withdraw your bet.

If you place bet with a Bookmaker this cannot be cancelled. However if the horse is a non runner then you will get your stake back unless it was placed in the ante post markets.

A horse trainer may withdraw a horse entered into a race with a vet's certificate or if a change in the going would adversely affect a horse's chance or some other reason.

If a trainer continually withdraws his horses above a set level then the BHA can suspend their right to withdraw horses by self-certificate for 12 months.

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