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Why a horse purchased for $325,000 might race as a $12,500 claimer

by Anon

Flat Racing On Turf

Flat Racing On Turf

How is it that a horse purchased for $325,000 makes it's first start as a $12,500 claimer? Not a one time thing either. I see it often.

Answer: There are a couple of reasons why a horse purchased for $325,000 might end up racing as a $12,500 claimer:

Decline in performance: The horse could have been a promising young horse that was expensive to buy but hasn't lived up to expectations. Injuries, lack of racing temperament, or simply not maturing into a top competitor could all be factors.

Change in racing strategy: The horse's trainer or owner might decide that competing in claiming races is a better fit for the horse at this point in its career. Claiming races offer lower purses than higher-level races, but they can also be less competitive. This can be a way to get the horse back to winning races and potentially build up its value again.

Financial reasons: The owner might be facing financial difficulties and need to sell the horse. Claiming races provide a way to quickly sell a horse, although at a significant loss compared to the purchase price.

It's important to consider the horse's racing history to get a better understanding of why it might be in a claiming race. If the horse has a history of injuries or poor performance, it's more likely that it wouldn't be worth racing for a higher purse.

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