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The 3 yr old horse I'm riding is too strong. What kind of bit should I try to get more control?

3 year old horse

3 year old horse

The 3 yr old is much to strong for the snaffle bit. What kind of bit should I try?

Answer supplied by equestrian Sally Roberts

Since the horse is only 3 years old then I suspect its training has been rushed. It may be ‘strong’ due to lack of understanding of the rider’s wishes.

It could be losing its balance, tipping onto the forehand and unable to slow down due to lack of engagement of the hind legs. There could be many other reasons.

Using a different bit will gain control in the short term but the real answer is to take the horse back to basic training and establish the foundations before moving on.

If a change of bit is required then I would try a different type of snaffle eg double jointed, straight or fulmer.

I would also suggest maybe a grackle or drop noseband depending on how the horse is ‘strong’ ( ie turning or stopping)

My preference would be to go back to basics but really we need more info on the full situation.

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