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Starting Price on Arab Racing

by Roger Gamage

I placed a £20 bet on Ertaz in the 1.15(Arab Race) on 1st August at Goodwood with Paddy Power. I couldn't get a price from Paddy Power it said SP only so I took that.The horse won and the SP in the Racing Post results was 2-1. However PP only paid me at odds of 8-13! I queried this with PP but they said they use their own SPs in Arab races. Obviously if I had known this I would have looked elsewhere as the difference was considerable. Is there anything I can do about this


Roger Gamage

Answer: I can well sympathise with your reaction at finding the odds offered by Paddy Power were very different from the official odds.

However by placing a bet with them at their SP you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. In this case there is unfortunately nothing to be done about it.

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