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Richard Hannon Winners In Claimers

Richard Hannon

Richard Hannon

From his last 25 entries in claimers how many winners has Richard Hannon had?

Answer: Richard Hannon has had 8 winners in the last 25 runs in claimers
See below for details:

14.09.2013 Lingfield Raging Bear (USA) 6/4 1st/4
7.09.2013 Wolverhampton Juvenal (IRE) 4/1 6th/11
5.09.2013 Kempton Morally Bankrupt 10/11 1st/10
27.07.2013 Salisbury Jimmy Elder 7/4 4th/4
18.07.2013 Epsom Raging Bear (USA) 4/1 3rd/4
18.07.2013 Epsom Ortac Rock (IRE) 13/8 1st/4
20.06.2013 Warwick Mysterial Evens 1st/5
28.05.2013 Leicester Raging Bear (USA) 5/1 3rd/9
20.05.2013 Windsor North Star Boy (IRE) 7/4 1st/10
16.05.2013 Salisbury A Ladies Man (IRE) 6/4 2nd/8
2.05.2013 Lingfield North Star Boy (IRE) 1/2 1st/4
30.04.2013 Lingfield A Ladies Man (IRE) Evens 1st/7
15.03.2013 Lingfield Sublimation (IRE) 1/2 2nd/5
21.11.2012 Lingfield King of Kudos (IRE) 5/4 1st/5
19.11.2012 Wolverhampton Bugsy 11/2 6th/7
11.10.2012 Kempton Age Of Bronze 10/1 2nd/11
10.10.2012 Kempton Red Adair (IRE) 10/1 5th/7
8.10.2012 Windsor Netley Marsh 13/2 2nd/8
3.10.2012 Salisbury Gold Sceptre (FR) 7/1 5th/8
14.09.2012 Sandown Gold Sceptre (FR) 9/2 7th/7
6.09.2012 Kempton Red Adair (IRE) 9/4 3rd/6
31.08.2012 Wolverhampton Age Of Bronze 13/2 8th/11
20.08.2012 Wolverhampton Reinvigorate (IRE) 6/1 7th/12
17.08.2012 Newbury Caterina 18/1 4th/10
6.08.2012 Kempton Silkee Supreme 6/1 4th/6
28.07.2012 Salisbury Mayo Lad (IRE) 5/2 2nd/9
28.07.2012 Salisbury Netley Marsh 12/1 5th/9
25.07.2012 Lingfield Augustinian 15/8 2nd/8
25.07.2012 Lingfield Age Of Bronze 8/1 3rd/8
30.06.2012 Chester Reflect (IRE) 9/4 2nd/7

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