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Over Raced Horse?

by Julie C
(Derbyshire UK)

Hi, Kalk Bay has been in "my stable" @ Sport life for yonks; he is 9 yrs young and to me is fab.

I am really concerned for his well being re health as he has been entered for 3 races in 4 DAYS! 22/6, 24/6 $ the next day the 25/6!

Is that not cruel?! Surely that will harm him and it's not fair on ANY horse let alone a 9 yr veteran; surely it would exhaust the life out of him?

I"d like to find out where the rules & legal bits can be found on behalf of Kalk Bay as to me this is extreme?

What do you think? Am I being over protective or is it acceptable?

Answer: Just because Kalk Bay has been entered for a race it does not mean he will actually run. A trainer will often enter a horse for several races and then decide near the time which one to go for.

Kalk Bay’s Race Records shows he usually has at least a week between races. In a 6 year career he has run an average of 8 races a year which is normal.

The British Horseracing Association monitors the welfare of all registered race horses and the website sets out their guidelines.

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