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Killed at Hurst Park Racecourse?

Winner of last race at Hurst Park

Winner of last race at Hurst Park

Was a horse called Turkey Trot ever killed at Hurst Park Racecourse? If so, what was the date please?

Answer supplied by Laurie Ross

There have been three British-bred fillies named Turkey Trot.

One was born in 1911, and produced three winners.

One, born in 1946 was sent to the US, and the other was born in 1979.

Hurst Park Racecourse in Surrey closed in 1962.

Of the US bred Turkey Trots, both were born after the race track closed.

Pony racing was held at the track in 1890, I suppose one of the ponies could have been named Turkey Trot, but I have no way of finding out.

So to answer your question, I don't believe a thoroughbred named Turkey Trot died at Hurst Park.

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