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Horse workouts and fitness

by Andy Taylor
(Dorset )

Famous Racecourses - Deauville

Famous Racecourses - Deauville

I often have trouble trying to figure out if a horse is fit enough for a race, especially as I concentrate on handicaps only.

But what I really wanted to know is how can I tell if a horse has had a workout prior to a race? I use Sporting Life's racecards and past performances. And can't seem to find any information on them. Thanks Andy :)

Answer: There are few official form records specifically for workouts a horse has performed however we can obtain a reasonable idea from 4 sources.

1. Workouts for horses racing in the US are supplied by Daily Racing Form

2. If the the horse has raced in the last 7 days then we can safely assume it is race fit.

3. Some websites offer gallop reports but you will probably have to pay for the information. Although you can't guarantee a report for a specific horse.

4. Contact the trainer and ask the question. Don't be afraid to contact trainers - although busy, a trainer is usually happy to share basic information with the public. For a list of trainers details visit http://www.racehorsetrainers.co.uk/

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