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Horse Racing System Partner Required

I'm looking for a partner to take part in a horse racing system but I'm living in Charlotte North Carolina where it is hard to reach out to anybody.

I created a horse race system based on the horse race odds, the jockey odds, the horse race pattern and the jockey pattern.

My horse race system works from bottom up, not from the top down. Most systems go from the top down whereas mine goes from the bottom up.

It is difficult for me to get in touch with anybody via the Internet as I've been trying for at least 6 months or more to reach out.

If anyone would like to get involved my phone number is 704-901-6705 ask for Don and call twice.

I've been working on this horse race system for over 2 years but I still need a few more bits and pieces.

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Feb 16, 2023
Replying to horse race post
by: Anonymous

What exactly are you looking for help with? I’m a horse race enthusiast and would love to see if I can offer something to help. I’ve been researching and thinking of creating something but not sure where to begin. You can email me:

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