Cheltenham Festival 2017 Beginner’s Guide

The Cheltenham Festival 2017 is this year's renewal of an event which is held every March in the UK.

It attracts approximately a quarter million horse race fanatics from all over the world who come to sample the thrilling horse races and maybe try their luck betting on their favourite steeds.

The four day event features exhilarating races as the jockeys, trainers and other stakeholders battle it out for the top prizes in the prestigious sporting event that boasts a series of different yet amazing track races from many legendary horses.

The sports extravaganza promises a lot of excitement for the thrill-seeking attendees.

Steeple Chasers

If you are a beginner in the world of horse racing and don’t want to embarrass yourself with ‘irrelevant’ questions on what is happening, well, allow us to fill you in on what usually takes place during this much hyped sporting event.

In this article, we’ll highlight the event’s schedule, how the horse races are set to take place and in what order.

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However, here’s a guide on the forthcoming Cheltenham Festival 2017.

Cheltenham Festival 2017 Race Dates

Cheltenham Racecourse

The festival is scheduled to start on 14th and run through the 17th of March, 2017.

The event is broken into 4 small events, each scheduled to take place independently.

They include: the Champion day to take place on the 1st day of the event, the Ladies day on 15th, the St. Patrick’s Day on 16th, and the final day to host the Cheltenham Gold Cup event.

Travelling to the Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham is definitely well-served by transportation options for those fans who want to leave their cars at home.

The Cheltenham Spa Railway Station, located on the Briston-Birmingham main line, serves this small town.

Otherwise, fans can take a bus from South East and Midlands (which are quite frequent), and it's possible to reach Cheltenham on a direct train even from Aberdeen.

Betting on the Cheltenham Festival

If you are planning to attend the event purely for the chance to hit the jackpot, then luck could be on your side, considering that the explosive event promises lots of thrilling horse races that’ll quench your thirst for gambling.

There are approximately seven competitive races on each day of the event, and all these provide an opportunity for you to break bank with your betting exploits.

Bookmakers On Course

With the many events available during the Cheltenham Festival, you’ll be busy playing with your bankroll as you chase the big win in every event taking place during the festival.

Who knows, this may just be your year, and you might end up hitting the jackpot in this year’s Cheltenham Festival.

Final Thoughts

The 2017 Cheltenham Festival is the Mecca of horse racing. A wonderful experience for both jockeys and true fans of this sport, Cheltenham represents one of the ultimate goals for each horse.

The competition of the best among the best, it will surely be legendary. If you're going to bet on different runners, make sure you do your homework - do research, see past results and never bet huge amounts of money on a runner you don't know well.

Start small, win big.

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