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Racing Investor launches soon and what appears a persuasive argument to join is 115 points profit in the past 6 weeks. In July 2011 they made 80 points profit and at the time of writing in August a further 35 points profit have accrued.

The information is produced by a unique system that will remain secret ie it will not be sold. Subscribers to the service will be advised of all the tips the system comes up with and the service will be limited to 100 members.

Top Gambling strategies from Racing Investor

Racing Investor have a large number of racing advisors and sports betting tipsters under their wing but not many give away their secrets.

Brian however bucks the trend and has written a concise guide which demonstrates how it is possible to generate £1000 in profits in just a few short weeks.

Now obviously there is no guarantee that this approach is going to produce such a good profit in such a short time but I believe the principals outlined in his instruction manual will open up new possibilities for most bettors.

Jockey Ruby Walsh

NB You can use betting software to place bets automatically. BF-BotManager is the one I use as it is reliable and is constantly updated to reflect best practice and industry thinking.

Rade is the guy who is the chief technician and is very keen to ensure the bot is working well for you - the service is second to none and the software is continually upgraded.

Recent updates to the software include:

  • Silk and other information for horse/jockey is displayed at selections form
  • Multiple Strategies bot - new Lay 1-4 staking plan added
  • Multiple Strategies bot - Events filter condition, added more events to filter by
  • Multiple Strategies bot - added "Skip if favourite difference is not satisfied" market condition
  • Multiple Strategies bot - added "Bet if score" market condition
  • Multiple Favorites bot - fix to retry bet placement if first bet placement failed
  • Web requests now use gzip compression, less bandwidth is used and faster response from server
  • Issue with bets history being lost should now be fixed
  • "Score" column is added to main markets grid, score is determined by using Correct Score market prices. Correct score market must be loaded and monitored during in play for this to work.
  • Auto loading of markets is improved
  • Bug fixes

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