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Rugby vs Football

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Rugby vs football - which is best? When I was a youngster at school, I had no doubt about the answer - it’s rugby stupid!

This was mainly because my school did not play football at all. So I never got the chance to compare the two.

Although in truth, I did not know as much about rugby as the ex professional rugby player who heads up the tipping service Rugby Knowledge with impressive results see

 But more of that later.

Rugby Knowledge

Now as an adult,  I’m not so sure. When my son was about eight all he wanted to do was play football at school with his mates. It wasn’t long before he was playing for a local team, and as his skills developed he eventually ended up playing for Plymouth Argyle youth.

As a doting father of course, I supported him all the way; standing for long hours on chilly touchlines shouting encouragement or picking him up on practise evenings. One night he got so cold and wet he was crying, poor lad. 

But of course nothing deterred him and I began to appreciate the lure of the game; its finesse and the team building required. He never played rugby himself but enjoyed watching the game. 

I vividly remember one Saturday in 2003 picking him up in the car from a football training session and England were playing in the final of the rugby World Cup that day. 

We would have to hurry to watch the game on TV and as I put my foot down I noticed a flash of light in my rear mirror - oh no - I'd triggered a speed trap! 

But this was soon forgotten in the euphoria of watching Johnny Wilkinson kicking the winning points for England in the final moments of the game. Of course I’d put a few quid on the winning side so that was the icing on the cake.

Rugby vs Football - no competition.


Rugby vs Football - The differences

Of course rugby is much more of a physical game than football and in many ways the rules are more complex. It is far easier to put a foot wrong in rugby, so an awareness of what is going on around a player is of paramount importance.

A penalty at the wrong time can make the difference between winning or losing a game. 

Betting on the two games is also different; football offering a multiplicity of bets covering virtually anything taking place on the pitch and using different styles of betting such as Asian handicaps.

There are also far more football players than in rugby and therefore far more competitions at home and abroad of which the most prestigious is the FIFA World Cup.

Rugby Ball

Rugby’s principal competitions are the national ones, the Six Nations (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy) and the World Cup.

There is far less betting information in the world of rugby so I was interested to hear of the ex professional rugby player who heads up the tipping service Rugby Knowledge.

With a large number of contacts in the game including coaching staff, ex colleagues and players you can expect a very professional service.

The service is now in it's 3rd year.

Recent Results:

The Rugby betting tips service couldn't be in better form with;

14 WINNING TIPS from the last 15 bets advised!

Previous Six Nations Tournament Bets:

2019 – WALES, Championship Winners at 5/1 2019 – WALES, Grand Slam Winners at 14/1

2020: 6 Bets advised 2 Winners and a 4 Points Profit. And Very Close to France landing Grand Slam bets at 14/1. 

All results are available with OLPT

With the Six Nations Competition kicking off on Saturday 6th February now could be the time to give Rugby Knowledge a try!

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