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Free Horse Tips from The
'Paddock Watcher'

Horse Tips from Paddock Watcher Dee Thompson offers punters a unique opportunity to gain an edge.

Paddock Watcher Dee Thompson

Receive valuable information by text of positives and standout picks from the paddock and negative looking favourites.

My name is Dee Thompson and I have worked as a specialist paddock watcher/judge for over 15 years.

Previously employed by one of the worlds largest betting syndicates, I cover meetings nationwide but mainly in the north of England, including All Weather, National Hunt and Flat Turf.

Click the Buy Now button below to sign up for the £10 special offer for first month of Dee's Paddock Watcher Service

Cost of standard service (after first month) is £20 - to join contact Dee at the email address below

Also on offer is a bespoke diamond service tailor made for the form student giving more detailed information on the appearance of the horses, listing positives and negatives and information on any particular horse as requested - prices vary according to requirements - email for details -

or Phone   Tel No. 07454649449

Here is a list of the meetings im covering, if you want info from any of the meetings please text name me with your name and requested race meeting - on 07454649449

Saturday 13th April - Thirsk

Monday 15th April - Pontefract

Thursday 18th April - Ripon

Friday 19th April - Newcastle

Saturday 20th April - Mussleburgh

Monday 22nd April - Redcar

Friday 26th April - Doncaster

Saturday 27th April - Ripon

Sunday 28th April - Wetherby

Monday 29th April - Thirsk - evening meeting

If you want information from any of the above meetings please text me on 07454649449 with your name and preferred meeting.

Best wishes and good luck, Dee

Results for Musselburgh Tues 2nd April

Race 1 h1 h3 h5 positves - h5 won at 10/1

Race 2 positives h6 h2 h7 - lost

Race 3 best energy h2 a positive for 5f followed by h1 h6 h7 next - h6 won at 12/1

Race 4 h2 best (withdrawn) h9 h4 h1 positives - h9 won at 8/1

Race 5 h4 h8 best - h8 won at 5/2

Race 6 h7 best - positives in order of pref h9 h10 h3 - h7 won at 5/2

Race 7 h7 best positives h6 (3rd at 40/1) h4 - lost 

Total profit backing all positives 1 point to win is 18 points

This information is particularly  helpful in races where there is little form i.e. maidens, novices and bumpers

I am not a natural gambler - I don't have the risk gene! I am a good paddock judge and love the challenge of sharing these Horse Tips with others hence my service which is on offer!

On course Betting

What is a Paddock Watcher?

My experience has shown me how effective paddock information is, over the years I have seen many hot favourites and form picks beaten by the horse that looks the best on the day.

I take into consideration the size and build of the horse for the race it's about to run.

The condition of its coat which is a reflection of its well being, how athletic it looks and how well it walks.

Its fitness and most important its attitude and energy. No matter how fit a horse is or how well it is in its coat, if it's not mentally up for it and doesn't have good energy on the day it isn't going to win!  

Horses, like humans, have off days, can feel sluggish or below par, or feel weary from travelling to the course, and that can be seen in the paddock.

I find good looking winners at all prices and numerous bad looking odds on favourites that lose.

I also attended a horse whispering course to help me understand equine body language, as I thought it could be of help to me in my work.

Parade Ring

The Free Service

The free service offers texts sent to subscribers for all races  at 2 advised selected meetings every month exactly as for the full paid service.

The Full Paid Service

I provide information in 2 formats depending on what the punter wants, sent by text as early as possible sometimes from the pre-parade ring and a second message from the parade ring when all the coats come off.

Some punters who study form like to have my more detailed information where I highlight what I think is best (if one is definitely better than the rest) and a note of the positives in order of preference and a note of the obvious negatives - this is helpful if they have a shortlist of runners to help them decide.  

These horse tips are sent for every race at a particular meeting.

I also have punters who just want Horse Tips which inform them of any obvious standout that I think on their appearance will win, or any big negative looking favourite that will lose.  

At some meetings there are a few standouts but generally there maybe just one or two a meeting and in some cases there may be nothing standing out at a particular meeting.

There are two services on offer here:

Detailed full meeting notes for a small fixed rate per meeting

Standout positives and negatives when seen for a monthly fee

Below is an example of the text messages sent out to clients at a meeting (Newcastle AW Tue 22 Jan 2019)

Horse Tips Messages From Dee

Paddock Watching Notes Points of Reference:

H? STANDOUT -    Occasionally there is a horse ticking all the boxes a major eye catcher looking significantly better than the rest in all ways -

I LIKE H? BETTER THAN THE REST, OR SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN THE REST  - means not a standout ticking all the boxes, but looking better than the rest of the runners or slightly better

POSITIVES - IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE NOT RACE CARD ORDER! - as well as a standout or a horse looking better than the restIlist other positives that tick some of the boxes that are definitely not negatives in case they are on anyone's short lists

NEGATIVES -I list any strong negatives  and usually mention why ie: LETHARGIC, POOR COAT, NOT FIT, TOO SMALL AND SKINNY FOR SPRINTING ETC

(HORSES NOT MENTIONED!!) - unless a small field I dont have time to mention all runners, so if a horse hasn’t caught my eye in a positive or negative way - in my opinion it is AVERAGE - not a strong positive but nothing strongly negative either

POOR LOT - In some races especially class 6 and class 7 they may all look bad to average and it’s hard to see anything positive, in this case I say poor lot and try to describe the market leaders.

Please note:

When possible I send a first comments message from the pre parade ring depending what I can see,  sometimes a message asIsee a fancied one without its cover on, and then a final message when all covers are off and I can see them all

If a horse goes to post early I will comment on it at the point it goes to post and consider it in my final text.

As mentioned before I do not attempt to judge them in heavy or persistent rain, that may mean I cannot send notes from a meeting, or cannot comment on certain races at a meeting.

For complete recent Results click here

Complete list of messages sent from Newcastle AW meeting on 22 January 2019

Tonight i will forward to you what i send to my current clients and bookies which is, i say what i see.  if i like one more than the rest i say so.

I list positives in order of preference - i do have a couple of clients that only want a text when there is a standout - but this format is good for people who study form

I need to say because it’s so cold horses have big covers on till they leave the paddock hence the late message - i do look at the pre parade ring but they dont always appear then - so warmer days you get messages much earlier

Race 1 no one standout positives h1 h6 h8 no negs

Result: H5 won 6/1 - H1 6/5 and H8 6/1 placed

4:17 PM


Race 2 pre parade first comments haven’t seen them all h3 looking really good in his coat good size good energy h5 positive good energy and coat - h2 big strong - more comments when covers off

Race 2 i like h3 best - h1 and h2 positives h4 lighter than the rest

Result: H3 won SP 9/2 - H1 placed


Race 3 h7 slightly better than rest followed by h5 then h6 abd h3 - h1 average h4 neg very small

Result: H6 won SP 2/1f - H1 9/4 and H7  10/1 placed


5:12 PM

Race 4 first comments - more to follow h1 biggest fit good coat -,h3 best energy h7 good energy h4 best coat quiet but might perk up when jock gets up h6 very small for a sprinter

Race 4 h1 biggest best size for a sprinter but no standout here h2 good energy h4 great coat ok energy with jock up h5 very fit nice type h7 just ok

Result: H1 won 9/4f - H3 11/1 placed


5:44 PM

Race 5 first comments more to come i really like h3 best energy for a sprinter good size and good coat h7 good energy well covered up h1 and h5 average - more to follow

Race 5 with covers off h3 slightly better than rest no standout h1 h7 h8 good energy h2 very quiet for a sprinter h4 average but not neg h 6 strong good energy

Result: H3 won 5/1 - H6 9/1 and H7 100/30 placed


Race 6 novice no standout h1 h4 h2 all look similar positives but not outstanding h4 just slightly better for me

Result: H1 won 4/6 f - H4 3/1 placed


Race 7 first comments more to follow - h2 positive great coat good energy and size h1 positive strong good energy and coat h3 average haven’t seen h4 yet

Race 7 with covers off i like h2 and h9 best h1 next best i like the energy and size of h5 - h4 h3 average h8 h9 negs

h7 pos h9 neg

Result:  H5 won 7/2 - H3 14/1 and H2 11/2 placed


Race 8 first comments more to follow positives in order of preference h9 h5 h6 h7

h10 small for sprinting compared to others

Result: H10 won 9/2 - H2 15/2 and H4 9/2 placed


Post meeting comments on Dee’s Horse Tips

Race 1 no strong preference

Race 2 strong preference for Rey Loopy which won 9/2 SP

Race 3 slight preference for Areen Heart which placed at 10/1

Race 4 slight preference for Encore D’Or which won 9/4

Race 5 strong  preference for Fendale which won 5/1

Race 6  no strong preference

Race 7 strong positives for 3 horses of which one won 7/2 and one placed 11/2

Race 8 no strong preference although none of the positives placed