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Horse Tips Results For Paddock Watcher Dee Thompson

Horse Tips Results are shown in reverse order. 

These are the notes made by Paddock Judge, Dee Thompson before races from the pre-parade and parade rings. Dee lists horses by their number and in order of preference. 

To assist in this process I have made an analysis of many of her comments and the results are calculated on 2 pts win only on the first selection for each race.

Profit to date 29.37 points using 2 points per stake

Full Results 

Horse Tips Results

Catterick 20 Feb 2019

Catterick lovely sunny day! Race 1 pre parade h3 huge chaser type fit grey h8 nice coat good energy h7 nice coat good energy could be slightly fitter h4 big chaser type good coat 8 nice type more comments when all covers off


Race 1 h4 gone to post early really nice type good coat athletically built chaser size though fit for first time out


Race 1 i like h2 best h8 next best other positives h4 - h3 very fit nothing negative

Result: H3 won 5/1 - H2 placed 5/2


Race 2 first comments h1 one of the better coats and energy ok size for chasing a little smaller than the others h3 could be slightly fitter but nice size coat average h4 big covers on looks a good size h7 average h5 just come in nice size good energy fit and good coat going to post early - more comments to follow


Race 2 h4  best strongest for chasing nice coat and energy h1 a bit edgy and sweating a bit but i dont know if thats usual h5 nice type a positive h3 dull dry coat h7 average

Result: H5 won 10/1 - H4 unplaced


Race 3 first comments only 3 in so far - h4 really nice type good coat nice stronger than the other two athletically built positive- h 5 lighter but is a mare nice coat not as nice as h4 - h3 got covers on nice coat not as nice a shape or size as h4


Race 3 h6 just come in negative bad shape and soft


Race3 h2 post early lovely coat nice type quite fit not a neg -h1 average more comments to follow


Race 3 h3 has best coat quite small h4 nicest type h1 not a neg just h6 looked really bad

Result: H5 won 6/1 - H3 11/10f placed


Race 4 first comments h6 covered up h4 fit average coat h1 average h5 best coat but covered h2 average big chaser type more comments to follow

Race 4 h4 average coat very fit h6 fit small but filly good energy - h2 nice big rangy type good coat very fit

Result: H4 won 1/2f   


Race 5 first comments h2 biggest fittest good energy h4 nice type good coat good size h6 very small h5 just ok not pos or neg h3 just ok h1 big rangy type looks fit good coat more comments when jocks up


Race 5 i like h2 and h1 best h4 next h5 next

Result: H4 won 11/2 - H2 unplaced


Race 6 bumper h3 best h2 next best positives h9 h8 h4 negs h1 h6 h10

Result: H9 won 15/8f     H3 unplaced

Newcastle 20 Feb 2019

Hello from newcastle its currently raining quite heavy but clear skies around so hopefully just a shower very blustery no horses in pre parade ring yet

Wind blowing up the track In their faces!

pre parade all covered bar h2 which is the biggest and looking better than when i last saw him here when finished 3rd - h6 is still looking well in his coat rest too covered up - more comments to follow

Race 1 still heavy rain - not one looking better than rest positives in order of preference h3 h2 h6 h9 h1

Result: H1 won 9/2 - H3 placed 3/1


Race 2 pre parade only h1 in so far acting quite immature havent seen the others yet

Race 2Very heavy rain -h1 more relaxed in parade ring h2 stronger good coat and energy at first glance with covers prefer h2 the rest small will report when covers off

Race 2 with covers off h2 better in size build and coat than h1 h3

Result: H1 won 13/8 - H2 1/2f placed


Race 3 wind stronger! H5 best positives h1 h3 h4 h7 - h5 and h1 best size h5 best coat and energy

Result: H1 won 13/8f - H5 unplaced


Race 4 h1 best coat and energy h4 good size and coat h3 strong and great energy h7 small for sprinting h6 looks like needs the race h2 average h5 quite nice

Result: H3 won 5/2   H1 unplaced


Race 5 pre parade ring more to follow h7 good coat size energy h3 very fit good coat very small h6 big average looking grey h8 has looked better h4 average coat - more comments to come

Race5 all covers off h5 best coat and energy strong good looking type h6 big strong ok looking grey h7 sweating in parade ring havent seen him do that before h2 and h3 good coats but light framed h8 post early has looked better

Result: H4 won 14/1 - H5 unplaced


Race 6 all jockeys in parade ring and no horses yet to be seen !!!not in pre parade either !

Wind has dropped - h2 big strong good looker quite fit good coat h3 smaller than most but looks the same as last time h4 good size good coat and energy h6 very fit good coat h5 poor coat

Result: H4 won 15/8f     H2 unplaced

Newcastle 18 February 2019

Greetings from a very windy cold newcastle first comments race1 horses covered up h8 looking nice in its coat good energy h10 post early very small poor looking h13 very small poor looking h4 nice size and energy h7 nice size and energy h6 biggest  h9 good size and energy h11 quiet might buck up with jock up h5 small average- more comments to follow when rugs off


Race1 h5 post early with cover off very fit coat a positive very small but is a filly


Race1 rugs off  i like h4 best h8 next best h2 positive

Result: H7 won 33/1 - H4 unplaced


Race 2 jocks in before the horses!!

Race2 with covers on h6 looks a size h2 small good coat h4 very edgy h3 good coat ryans 2 not in paddock yet

Race2 h5 biggest good coat and energy h1 best energy and coat smaller than h5 hh2 very skinny for sprinting but won last week h4 neg h6 average h3 good size and coat

Result: H1 won 2/1 - H5 10/1 placed


Race 3 first comments with coats on h10 big strong good energy good coat h2 quite strong for a mare looks fittish covers reallly big on most of them more comments to follow

Race3 h12 looking as good as it did last time more to follow

Race3 h10 biggest strongest fit good coat h2 fit good coat h12 h5 positives h14 good energy rest poor lot

Result: H12 won 2/7f - H10 unplaced


Race 4 novice pre parade - only a few in and most covered fav not in yet - h9 nice size nice type good coat quite fit h6 nice type good coat - h2 h5 quite small h3 good coat fit - more comments to follow

Race 4 h3 nice rangy type good coat energy size and fit h4 good size more comments to follow

Race 4 no standout here ive seen better looking varian horses but its not a negative i slightly like h10 more and h6 was a positive i like thevsize of h4 and h3 - h2 h13 negatives

Result: H10 won 12/1


Race5 h3 gone to post early lovely big strong type good coat good energy and fit definite positive h8 post esrly average more comments to follow

Race5 i like h3 best h4 next h7 fit good energy the rest average

Result: H6 won 4/1 - H3 unplaced


Race 6 seller h1 post early nice coat energy fit lighter built than some of rest h5 best coat and size strong filly  h4 next best h2 average h3 neg

Result: H1 won 1/1f


Race7 h9 post early biggest by far improving coat but still not as good as when last won - h6 good coat and energy h5 best coat and energy more to follow when rugs off

Race7 with covers off not great looking lot positives h5 h6 h4 h2 neg h1 rest average h8 best build for sprinting coat been beter

Result: H3 won 5/1 - H5 5/1 placed


Newcastle 15 February 2019

First comments from newcastle some covers still on more notes to follow h6 looking very well h4 dull dry coat looked much better when it last won h3 looking positive h1 tall very light frame good coat more to follow


Newcastle race 1 h6 best positves in order of preference h3 h1 - h2 dull coat sweating h5 average h4 looked better when last won dull dry coat

H4 won 11/2 - H6 unplaced


Race 2 apprentice race !!i like h3 slightly better than rest h5 next best h8 next best rest very average

H5 won 4/7f - H3 placed 10/1


Race 3 h1 big strong mare compared to rest good coat and energy - h2 hot fav positive much smaller than h1 but they are all fillies h3 average pulling hard in parade ring other 2 poor

H2 won 1/12f - H1 unplaced


Race 4 h2 biggest strongest good energy ok coat went to post early h1 big strong also a positive 4 good energy much lighter framed looked fit other 2 average

H2 won 11/10f


Race 5 first comments more to follow h2 looking the biggest for this 6f sprint very well in his coat h7 good size looking slightly better than when winning last time out - others big covers

Race 5 h2 best h7 next best h4 positive h6 average

H7 won 100/30f - H2 unplaced


Race 6 h3 fav a positive looks same as it did last time it won - h8 looks slightly better thsn it did when it last ran - i dont like h2 h7

H4 won 12/1 - H3 unplaced


Race 7 poor lot h1 good size good energy h3 strongest better coat than rest h5 good energy h6 ok but looked better when won here h4 just ok h2 average

H3 won 8/1 - H1 unplaced

Newcastle 31st January 2019

Race 1 a few looking well in their coats slight preference for  h2 good coat fitness then in order of preference h1 h3

H4 just ok  h5 just ok sweating a little h7 small edgy

Result: H1 won 9/4


Race 2 first comments h8 post early looking well in his coat fit and good energy ok size for sprinting - rest well covered will comment more soon

Race 2 apprentice hacap!! H7 best then in order of preference h4 good energy h3 h1 - h8 positive already mentioned h5 h6 average

Result: H7 won 9/2 - H4 placed


Race 3 first comments more to follow i like the size and strength and energy for sprinting of h4 - h6 nice coat but smallish h2 average  h3 poor

Race 3 h1 just come in covered up but good size coat good similar to h4 mych bigger than others but of course they are fillies

Race 3 i like h4 best best size strong filly h1 next best h2 average h6 very small ok coat h3 even smaller

Result: H3 won 10/1 - H4 placed


Race 4 with covers off very slight preference for h3 followed by h2 h1 h8 - h7 quite quiet - h5 poor h4 small compared to others for sprinting

Result: H3 won 12/1


Race 5 nothing stands out to me here h2 very slightly better than rest no big positives or negative h5 next best h4 next

Result: H3 won 12/1


Race 6 novice h7 best  - h2 very fit a positive - h4 good size coat just ok h5 fit average size and coat h6 strong could be slightly fitter h1 and h3 poor

Race 6 novice h7 best  - h2 very fit a positive - h4 good size coat just ok h5 fit average size and coat h6 strong could be slightly fitter h1 and h3 poor

Result: H6 won 13/2


Race 7 h7 best next in order of preference h4 h14 class 7 the rest a poor lot

Result: H7 won 1/3 - H4 placed


Race 8 poor lot nothing standing out - i like size coat energy of h5 probably slightly better than rest h7 bigger than most of them h2 biggest of all coat getting better weekly not quite back to where it was when it wins but improving - h3 fit h8 fit - fav h1 not pos or neg

Result: H5 won 7/1 - H7 placed

Total Profit for day using first choice horse for each race is 20.6 pts


Sedgefield 27th January 2019

Chris conditions really bad here strong wind and rain so won’t be sending messages reporting       Like i normally do. Will send you a message if i see a big standout in any race though

race 1 no standout i like in preference h2 h3 h6 h7 were positives

Result: H2 won 3/1 - H3 placed


Chris maybe i should give it a go i just struggled to see them properly in the conditions but i did prefer the winner to everyone else - so will send info but dont pass it on to new people - i only like to work in ideal conditions

Race 2 no standout h1 big chaser type good energy coat could be better h5 fit ok coat nice size h3 muscled not as tall as previous two mentioned but fit h2 just ok h4 small but best coat

Result: H6 won 13/2 - H1  placed


Race 3 love size strength coat and energy of h9 - h3 much lighter but a positive

Result: H3 won 4/5 - H9 placed


Race 4 i havent seen h4 getting reshod i like h6 best h1 next - nothing looks really bad no negs

Race 4 h4 average

Result: H6 won 13/2  


Race 5 no standout in order of preference h1 h2 h4 h8 - neg h7 horse 5 just average

Result: H4 won 15/8 - H8 placed


Race 6  i like h3 best h6 h4 h5 positives h7 best coat but smallest of these lot by a bit

Result: H5 won 6/1 - H6 placed


Race 7 h2 best h3 positve h8 positive h7 very edgy no other obvious negs -

Result: H3 won 3/1 - H2 placed

Horses that won with description best as first choice

Race 4 won 13/2  Return at 1 pt e.w. = 7.8 pts

Horses that lost with description best as first choice

Race 6 and Race 7 Losses at 1 pt e.w. = -4 pts

Total Profit for day is 3.8 pts

Jan  26 Doncaster

race 1 first comments h5 positive best coat good energy a bit squat shape and not athletic looking but definitely best well veing h1 good size looks like chaser type

Race 1 h5 best h4 nice type the rest look very similar just ok

Result: H5 won 9/4 f H3 and H2 placed


Race2 pre parade i like h2 good chasing size athletic build h1 not neg good energy coat could be better h4 much smaller than h2 horse 3 big cover more to follow

1:14 PM

Race2 h1 positive love the size of h2 for chasing h4 nice coat smaller h3 average

Result: H1won 1/4f  H4 placed


Race 3 pre parade first comments liking h4 best good coat best energy the other three looking all similar - will report more when all coats off

Race 3 positives in order h4 h2 h1 i didnt like how light h3 was

Result: H3 won 12/1  H4 6/4 placed


Race4 pre parade h1 best h6 second best more comments to follow

Race4 nothing looks bad here i love the size and strength of h1 goodcoat h6 nice type h3 good coat h4 good energy h5 good coat h2 average will report more with jocks up

2:33 PM

Race 4 h1 beautiful specimen the best here!

Result: H1 1/1f won  H3 placed


Race 5 pre parade h3 biggest lovely chasing type h2 h1 h5 all similar positives

Race 5 cant give 1 clear here in order of preference h7 h3 for size for well being h2 h1 h5

Result: H4 won 8/1  H10 and H7 placed


Race 6 pre parade h1 and h2 both positives h5 nice coat  the others average will report more when covers off

Race 6 with covers off i like h4 best fittest good coat h1 next best h2 next h5 next h3 poor

Result: H4 won 3/1   H1 placed


Race7 not 1 standout a few look nice in order of preference h6 h2 h8 h3

Result: H6 won 5/1  H2 placed


Jan  25 Newcastle

Newcastle 25th jan first comments from pre parade only a handful in more comments to follow - h6 nice size nice type good coat good energy h8 nice coat big cover bit quiet - h10 just ok h9 good energy bit flighty h2 big and strong  nice type -

Race1 h6 nice type good build energy coat fitness i like this slightly best h8 best coat bit smaller a little quieter h2 i really like this one big strong nice type h9 much lighter nice cost h10 average

Result: H8 won 8/15 f H10 and H12 placed


Race2 pre parade positives h1 h2 h7 neg h9. More to follow

Race 2 with coats off very poor lot h1 bit elongated for sprinting?? H2 best coat h8 best size and build coat could be better h7 ok as is h4

Race 2 h6 had coat on on track didnt see clearly

Result: H5 won 11/1  H2 22/1 and H6 25/1 placed


Race 3 no one standing out i like h6 slightly better than rest - the sprinting size of h2 - h1 went post early not neg not - h5 nice type good coat and energy h5 nice coat good size - sorry cant be more specific no real eyecatchers pos or neg here

Result: H8 won  7/2 H1 and H2 placed


Race 4 pre parade havent seen all but a couple with coats off h5 looking great nicely muscled good coat good energy good size h8 nice looking filly good coat

Race 4 i like h5 best in powerful sprinter shape h8 strong filly h6 just ok good size h1 tall h3 nice coat fit and sprinter shape but

5:45 PM

Result: H8 25/1 won  H5 11/4 and H1 placed


Race 5 h3 best here ive seen better looking haggas horses but its a positive i really like h1 also h5 good coat light framed rest average

Result: H3 won 4/11f  H5 10/1 and H6 placed


Race 6 more comments to follow - h6 post early biggest saw him last week coat slightly better but not as good as i saw when he won - h 2 nice type but ex haggas???

6:38 PM

Race 6 poor lot h11 slightly better than rest h4 next best then h12

Result: H7 won 14/1   H5 and H12 placed


Race 7 i like h10 best h1 next h2 next best h4 light but a filly good energy for 5f h3 average not pos or neg

Result: H6 won 9/1  H2 9/2 and H7 placed


Race 8 no standout pos or neg i liked the size of h3 for a sprinting filly h4 nice scopey type good coat h7 a nice size great energy

Race 8 - h2 fav good energy light but a filly

Ps not a filly light for a gelding

Result: H4 won 3/1f   H8 and H3 placed


Jan 22 Newcastle

Race 1 no one standout positives h1 h6 h8 negs

Tue 4:07 PM

Chris,  phone sticking sorry thats 3 positive no negs

Result: H5 won 6/1 - H1 6/5 and H8 6/1 placed

4:17 PM


Race 2 pre parade first comments haven’t seen them all h3 looking really good in his coat good size good energy h5 positive good energy and coat - h2 big strong - more comments when covers off

Race 2 i like h3 best - h1 and h2 positives h4 lighter than the rest

Result: H3 won SP 9/2 - H1 placed


Race 3 h7 slightly better than rest followed by h5 then h6 abd h3 - h1 average h4 neg very small

Result: H6 won SP 2/1f - H1 9/4 and H7  10/1 placed


5:12 PM

Race 4 first comments - more to follow h1 biggest fit good coat -,h3 best energy h7 good energy h4 best coat quiet but might perk up when jock gets up h6 very small for a sprinter

Race 4 h1 biggest best size for a sprinter but no standout here h2 good energy h4 great coat ok energy with jock up h5 very fit nice type h7 just ok

Result: H1 won 9/4f - H3 11/1 placed


5:44 PM

Race 5 first comments more to come i really like h3 best energy for a sprinter good size and good coat h7 good energy well covered up h1 and h5 average - more to follow

Race 5 with covers off h3 slightly better than rest no standout h1 h7 h8 good energy h2 very quiet for a sprinter h4 average but not neg h 6 strong good energy

Result: H3 won 5/1 - H6 9/1 and H7 100/30 placed


Race 6 novice no standout h1 h4 h2 all look similar positives but not outstanding h4 just slightly better for me

Result: H1 won 4/6 f - H4 3/1 placed


Race 7 first comments more to follow - h2 positive great coat good energy and size h1 positive strong good energy and coat h3 average haven’t seen h4 yet

Race 7 with covers off i like h2 and h9 best h1 next best i like the energy and size of h5 - h4 h3 average h8 h9 negs

h7 pos h9 neg

Result:  H5 won 7/2 - H3 14/1 and H2 11/2 placed


Race 8 first comments more to follow positives in order of preference h9 h5 h6 h7

h10 small for sprinting compared to others

Result: H10 won 9/2 - H2 15/2 and H4 9/2 placed


My post meeting comments on Dee’s recommendations

Race 1 no strong preference

Race 2 strong preference for Rey Loopy which won 9/2 SP

Race 3 slight preference for Areen Heart which placed at 10/1

Race 4 slight preference for Encore D’Or which won 9/4

Race 5 slight  preference for Fendale which won 5/1

Race 6  no strong preference

Race 7 strong positives for 3 horses of which one won 7/2 and one placed 11/2

Race 8 no strong preference although none of the positives placed

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