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A.I. Gaming Systems 

Gaming systems are now being developed to predict the outcome of sporting events; particularly horse races and this is a chance to use the power of big data and could even be used make selections for  the Scoop6 from Totesport.

Tips for Horse Racing in the UK/Australia

Timeform Selections 21 September 2020

Rodrigo Diaz – 18:30 Wolverhampton

Kesarina – 19:00 Wolverhampton

Carey Street – 20:00 Wolverhampton


Free Racing Tips

Thank you for all the messages regarding the 10/1 (FAIRMAC) and 7/1 (WINTER POWER) winners yesterday much appreciated. If you backed them in a £1 win Patent you will now be £100 richer and if you went each way thanks to KNOT ON TIME placing you will have had the best part of £250 to come back.

CLICK HERE FOR THE SATURDAY LUCKY 15 you will find it in the box with the Little Beauty


RED FASCINATOR 15:05 Ayr 11/1 each way  – Would have won at Ripon last time but became unbalanced 2 furlongs out and lost action, battled back just failed. Should progress from that last run. The winner has been placed in Listed company since and this filly is better than that.

Australian Smartplays  September 2020

A system could allow punters to enter their tip as to the winner of a selected horse race.

To do this, a form would show the list of runners with the jockey and all that would be required is for participants to select the horse they consider the likeliest winner.  They should also be able to return to the same race to edit the response if they change their mind.

One company, Swarm Insight, combines the power of A.I. with real time consumer feedback which provides much better and faster insights than focus groups could achieve.

Gaming Systems Need Your Vote

The swarm analogy is derived from real life swarms that occur in nature which converge on the best solutions to a problem with remarkable efficiency. 

This method has been shown to be more accurate and revealing than traditional polls or surveys.

In a Swarm A.I. System we can leverage the insights and knowledge of all the users who enter their prediction on a web form provided for each day's race. The results and behaviour of all participants is used to predict the outcome of the race.


An artificial intelligence platform has been used to predict the winners of the Oscars, the Super Bowl and now the winner and first 4 home in the Kentucky Derby.

The system known as UNU predicted the 1st, (Nyquist) 2nd, 3rd and 4th horses to finish in the 2016 running of the race. A $20 bet placed on the Superfecta (first 4 home in the correct order) produced a win amount of $11,000.

The gaming system uses a form of swarm intelligence that  amplifies human intelligence. All participants give their selection of the event eventually resulting in a consensus of opinion.

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