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A.I. Gaming Systems 

Gaming systems are now being developed to predict the outcome of sporting events; particularly horse races and this is your chance to grab a slice of the action.

The real breakthrough has come about by harnessing the power of A.I. (artificial intelligence). 

Below is a link to a web form which allows every user of this site to enter their guess as to the winner of the selected horse race for the day.

Top 10 performers in the trial win a free one year access once the service goes live

The form shows the list of runners with the jockey and all that is required is for you to select which horse you consider will be the winner.  You will also be able to return to the same race to edit your response if you change your mind.

>>Check the current race here<<

One company, Swarm Insight, combines the power of A.I. with real time consumer feedback which provides much better and faster insights than focus groups could achieve.

Here at we are developing a similar strategy to predict the outcome of certain horse races. 

We have teamed up with Theo Koumis of the gambling analytics & algorithm house, Quantalyst who created the worlds first in-running horse racing pricing algorithm, to create the worlds first swarm based A.I. gambling advisory service.

Gaming Systems Need Your Vote

The swarm analogy is derived from real life swarms that occur in nature which converge on the best solutions to a problem with remarkable efficiency. 

This method has been shown to be more accurate and revealing than traditional polls or surveys.

In our Swarm A.I. System we can leverage the insights and knowledge of all the users who enter their prediction on the web form provided for each day's race. The results and behaviour of all participants is used to predict the outcome of the race.

This prediction service will soon be made available to all participants when sufficient testing and tweaking has resulted in consistent and successful results. So watch this space!!

>>Check the current race here<<


An artificial intelligence platform has been used to predict the winners of the Oscars, the Super Bowl and now the winner and first 4 home in the Kentucky Derby.

The system known as UNU predicted the 1st, (Nyquist) 2nd, 3rd and 4th horses to finish in the 2016 running of the race. A $20 bet placed on the Superfecta (first 4 home in the correct order) produced a win amount of $11,000.

The system uses a form of swarm intelligence that  amplifies human intelligence. All participants give their selection of the event eventually resulting in a consensus of opinion.

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