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Racing Greyhounds
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Free Greyhound Tips 25 Oct 2021

Towcester 25th Oct
25-Oct 19:07D3 270m4. Walnut Cake

Nottingham 25th Oct
25-Oct 19:34B1 480m4. Nadal

Towcester 25th Oct
25-Oct 20:03A4 500m4. Southfield Gump

Free Greyhound Tips 24 Oct 2021

Henlow 24th Oct
24-Oct 19:07OR 550m4. Savana Pablo

Central Park 24th Oct
24-Oct 19:36D2 265m4. Bravado

Swindon 24th Oct
24-Oct 20:46A6 476m4. Leeside Stack

Free Greyhound Tips 23 Oct 2021

Hove 23rd Oct
23-Oct 18:58 D1 285m 4. La Dinero Won 10.23 BSP

Crayford 23rd Oct
23-Oct 19:01 A9 380m 4. Glassmoss George Won 4.89 BSP

Romford 23rd Oct
23-Oct 19:12 A8 400m 4. Ibegyourpardon

Free Greyhound Tips 22 Oct 2021

Romford 22nd Oct
22-Oct 18:09A2 400m4. Annadown Blitz

Romford 22nd Oct
22-Oct 19:18OR 400M4. Ballymac Micko Won 4.04 BSP

Romford 22nd Oct
22-Oct 20:54OR 575M4. Bo Shine Bullet

Free Greyhound Tips 21 Oct 2021

Hove 21st Oct
21-Oct 18:09A1 500m4. Portuguese Hero

Monmore 21st Oct
21-Oct 19:24S1 630m4. Avion Charlie

Hove 21st Oct
21-Oct 19:56A6 500m4. Insane Joe won 7.71 BSP

Free Greyhound Tips 19 Oct 2021

Crayford 19th Oct
19-Oct 19:44A8 380m4. Pascoes Peanut

Sheffield 19th Oct
19-Oct 20:27D2 280m4. Miss Dee

Towcester 19th Oct
19-Oct 20:38D2 270m4. Leeview Jack

Free Greyhound Tips 18 Oct 2021

Nottingham 18th Oct
18-Oct 18:26A5 500m4. Swift Nikita

armouth 18th Oct
18-Oct 18:51A2 462m4. Bon Accord

Towcester 18th Oct
18-Oct 19:44D1 270m4. Florence

Free Greyhound Tips 17 Oct 2021

Swindon 17th Oct
17-Oct 19:41A4 476m4. Racecourse Court

Henlow 17th Oct
17-Oct 19:44A3 460m4. Thameside Val

Swindon 17th Oct
17-Oct 20:12OR 476m4. Slanan Rocco

Free Greyhound Tips 15 Oct 2021

Central Park 15th Oct
15-Oct 19:44D4 265m2. Spot On Spotty

Nottingham 15th Oct
15-Oct 20:46A1 500m2. Coyote Sting

Nottingham 15th Oct
15-Oct 21:16B3 480m2. Catunda Kai

Free Greyhound Tips 13 Oct 2021

Yarmouth 13th Oct
13-Oct 18:26 A7 462m 2. Decoy Tip

Yarmouth 13th Oct
13-Oct 19:51 A6 462m 2. Coologue Rusty

Doncaster 13th Oct
13-Oct 20:54 B6 450m 2. Proper Peasant

Free Greyhound Tips 12 Oct 2021

Perry Barr 12th Oct
12-Oct 18:41 A2 480m 2. Giovanni Jack

Sheffield 12th Oct
12-Oct 18:51 A2 500m 2. Time To Move

Towcester 12th Oct
12-Oct 21:28 D1 270m 2. A Little Profit
12-Oct 09:30

Free Greyhound Tips 11 Oct 2021

Doncaster 11th Oct
11-Oct 19:56B7 450m2. Springside Lalu

Doncaster 11th Oct
11-Oct 18:43D2 275m2. Miss Amy

Doncaster 11th Oct
11-Oct 18:09B2 450m2. Simpson Fury

Free Greyhound Tips 10 Oct 2021

Central Park 10th Oct
10-Oct 18:09 A1 480m2. Sandling Star

Henlow 10th Oct
10-Oct 20:03 A6 460m2. Harrys Hexbug

Swindon 10th Oct
10-Oct 21:16 A4 476m2. Geelo Galaxy

Free Greyhound Tips 09 Oct 2021

Yarmouth 9th Oct
09-Oct 21:26A7 462m2. Decoy Tip

Towcester 9th Oct
09-Oct 21:00D3 270m2. Unlikely Girl

Sheffield 9th Oct
09-Oct 20:46HC 500m2. Peekaboo Amelia

Free Greyhound Tips 08 Oct 2021

Nottingham 8th Oct
08-Oct 18:36A4 500m2. Fern Shane

Central Park 8th Oct
08-Oct 18:48D1 265m2. Tintreach Redzer won 4.30 BSP

Nottingham 8th Oct
08-Oct 19:26A3 500m2. Haggswood Aisha

Central Park 8th Oct
08-Oct 21:18D2 265m2. Murlens Annie

Free Greyhound Tips 07 Oct 2021

Hove 7th Oct
07-Oct 21:28A10 500m2. Jofra

Monmore 7th Oct
07-Oct 21:18A1 480m2. Moorstown Timmy

Perry Barr 7th Oct
07-Oct 21:11A9 480m2. Ballymac Lash won 9.50 BSP

Swindon 7th Oct
07-Oct 20:08HC 476m2. Bahama Paradise

Perry Barr 7th Oct
07-Oct 20:06A5 480m2. Harton Larry

Free Greyhound Tips 06 Oct 2021

Doncaster 6th Oct
06-Oct 21:28B5 450m2. Corrin Ollie won 14/1

Sunderland 6th Oct
06-Oct 21:16A4 450m2. Shes Grand

Doncaster 6th Oct
06-Oct 21:12B2 450m2. Simpson Fury

Yarmouth 6th Oct
06-Oct 20:52A6 462m2. Cavies Again

Free Greyhound Tips 05 Oct 2021

Crayford 5th Oct
05-Oct 18:48A5 380m2. Rafiki Nala

Crayford 5th Oct
05-Oct 19:07A6 380m2. Tip Top Shadow

Sheffield 5th Oct
05-Oct 19:41A2 500m2. Boomtown Bally

Towcester 5th Oct
05-Oct 19:56D3 270m2. Makeit Sonoflen

Newcastle 5th Oct
05-Oct 20:06A3 480m2. Crooks Tyson

Newcastle 5th Oct
05-Oct 20:21A4 480m2. Crooks Elchapo

Crayford 5th Oct
05-Oct 20:23A5 380m2. Effernogue Helen

Sheffield 5th Oct
05-Oct 20:46HC 500m2. Clare From Clare

Towcester 5th Oct
05-Oct 21:12A6 500m2. Salacresprecious

Free Greyhound Tips 04 Oct 2021

Doncaster 4th Oct
04-Oct 21:12D2 275m2. Champagne Clelia

Yarmouth 4th Oct
04-Oct 20:46A6 462m2. Coologue Rusty

Nottingham 4th Oct
04-Oct 20:21OR 480m2. Tysons Neil won 12/1

Towcester 4th Oct
04-Oct 20:03D3 270m2. Dingys Vinnie

Nottingham 4th Oct
04-Oct 19:16A4 500m2. Honour Lightning

Doncaster 4th Oct
04-Oct 18:58A3 483m2. Lilas Charm

Nottingham 4th Oct
04-Oct 18:41A2 500m2. Mustang Magnet

Towcester 4th Oct
04-Oct 18:33A5 500m2. Roman Polly

Doncaster 4th Oct
04-Oct 18:09A4 483m2. Pennys Vega

Free Greyhound Tips 02 Oct 2021

Sheffield 2nd Oct
02-Oct 21:16A5 500m2. Live Dangerously

Sheffield 2nd Oct
02-Oct 20:27D1 280m2. Magna Boss

Yarmouth 2nd Oct
02-Oct 19:16A6 462m2. Take My Advice

Free Greyhound Tips 01 Oct 2021

Romford 1st Oct
01-Oct 21:28OR 575M2. Smallmead

Central Park 1st Oct
01-Oct 21:18A2 480m2. Kereight Chaser

Nottingham 1st Oct
01-Oct 21:16A6 500m2. Coyote Feng Shui

Free Greyhound Tips 29 Sept 2021

Harlow 29th Sep
29-Sep 21:18D4 238m3. Swift Fascinate

Harlow 29th Sep
29-Sep 21:18D4 238m5. Ballyhi Kirsty

Free Greyhound Tips 28 Sept 2021

Newcastle 28th Sep
28-Sep 21:11A5 480m3. Droopys Freya

Newcastle 28th Sep
28-Sep 21:11A5 480m6. Alnwick Zoom

Free Greyhound Tips 27 Sept 2021

Nottingham 27th Sep
27-Sep 20:52OR 500m1. Churchill Holly

Nottingham 27th Sep
27-Sep 20:52OR 500m6. Glenhead King

Free Greyhound Tips 26 Sept 2021

Central Park 26th Sep
26-Sep 21:12OR 480m1. Ballynabee Titan

Central Park 26th Sep
26-Sep 21:12OR 480m3. King Bruno

Free Greyhound Tips 25 Sept 2021

Romford 25th Sep
25-Sep 21:07 A2 400m 5. Conors Pickens

Romford 25th Sep
25-Sep 21:07 A2 400m 6. Teaboy Bruno
Free Greyhound Tips 24 Sept 2021

Romford 24th Sep
24-Sep 19:18OR 400M1. Dapper Jay

Romford 24th Sep
24-Sep 18:58OR 400M4. Deadly Tornado

Romford 24th Sep
24-Sep 18:28OR 575M4. March On Magic

Free Greyhound Tips 23 Sept 2021

Sunderland 23rd Sep
23-Sep 18:19A5 450m5. Bog Money

Sunderland 23rd Sep
23-Sep 18:19A5 450m6. Posh Alana

Free Greyhound Tips 22 Sept 2021

Newcastle 22nd Sep
22-Sep 18:19A3 480m1. Ballingry Loyal

Yarmouth 22nd Sep
22-Sep 18:26A4 462m3. Decisive Pablo

Newcastle 22nd Sep
22-Sep 18:36A5 480m5. Ballymac Easy

Free Greyhound Tips 21 Sept 2021

5. Blackhouse Isla
21-Sep 18:26 - Newcastle 21st Sep\A3 480m

2. Pennys Divine
21-Sep 18:58 - Towcester 21st Sep\A6 500m

4. Onefortheroad
21-Sep 21:48 - Sheffield 21st Sep\D2 280m

Free Greyhound Tips 20 Sept 2021

3. Waikiki Tune
20-Sep 18:19 - Yarmouth 20th Sep\A5 462m

6. Piemans Ghost
20-Sep 18:59 - Nottingham 20th Sep\HC 500m

1. Universal Boy
20-Sep 19:26 - Yarmouth 20th Sep\A1 462m

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