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A betting business for sports enthusiasts:

When you get the opportunity to join a betting service with 15 years of profits run by a respected sports writer and analyst it's worth giving it a close look. 

I discovered such a service on LinkedIn and was impressed by the honesty and integrity of the guy who runs it, Alwin Amler.

I introduce Alwin below and show the profits I am achieving with his service, starting bank at Bet365 Nov 23 2019 Euros 100.00. By 26 Dec 2019 I had withdrawn euros 178.00.  On 10 Jan 2020 I opened an account with IBC depositing £186 in GBP. At 28 Jan this now stands at £283.28.

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Football Tips 

There will be no further Football tips until further notice due to the current virus pandemic.

My name is Alwin Amler, a sports analyst based in West Germany and for the past 15 years I have made a full time living from betting.  

Up until recently I have managed the business in partnership with people known to me personally, however I am now offering the service to other like-minded sports enthusiasts.

I write a sports betting column for Hong Kong's number 1 newspaper 'The Oriental Daily' under my pseudonym HOFFENHEIM CL WINNER as I am a big fan of the German Bundesliga club 1899 Hoffenheim. 

The Bundesliga is a professional association football league in Germany and the football league with the highest average stadium attendance worldwide. 

The Oriental Daily Newspaper

Betting Business Options

I can offer 3 options when a client  joins my betting business:

Option 1: comes with a Guaranteed 10 percent ROI on each amount invested. 

This profit is always paid out half yearly. So if say, you were to start by investing 1000 Euro in my syndicate on the 1st of May, you will receive 100 Euro by the 1st of November and so on. 

We place our bets with the customer’s funds. In general I stake 5 percent on the clients running bank roll on each and every bet.

This is a truly amazing offer when you consider that nowhere else would you get 10% profit on your money paid out twice a year.


Our clients agree on staking an individual sum of money, depending on the clients individual financial position, on all of our picks which will be sent to them via WAP or however a client chooses to receive them. 

He then has to send us the confirmed odds he obtained on a bet and if it is successful we receive our share of 25 per cent on the realized net profit. 

So payment to us will be due only in the event of a winning bet. After each week we make a full summary of those bets for each customer and the respective payments to us will then be due.

In the case of realized net winnings you agree to send me 25 percent of those net profits each week without fail,  via Western Union, moneygram, RIA, Paypal or bank transfer.

Option 3: A client will open up a betting account themselve at whatever bookmaker they personally prefer and they give permission for us to place the bets ourselves. At the end of each and every month the client has to send us 25 percent of our realized net profits.

Option 4: Pay a monthly fee of £30 to have all Alwin's tips sent to your email address. Click the Buy Now button below ==>

Below is a screenshot of the Syndicate’s current trading balance

Partnership Trading Balance

I am able to offer a 2 week free trial for all new clients

Get 2 Weeks Free Betting Business Tips

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NB Most bookmakers will accept the majority of these football tips.

For best prices non UK users can use Pinnacle - fully licensed and regulated by the Netherlands Government. 

Or for maximum exposure to all markets and we recommend - an online bookmakers agent from which you can choose bookmaker with the bets you want and at the best prices. Not only that there is no limit to stakes and winnings. 

You can contact me to discuss any of the above options via:


WAP number  015750293216

Or Chris Wigg via Contact Us 

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