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A betting business for sports enthusiasts:

When you get the opportunity to join a betting service with 15 years of profits run by a respected sports writer and analyst it's worth giving it a close look. 

I discovered such a service on LinkedIn and was impressed by the honesty and integrity of the guy who runs it, Alwin Amler.

I introduce Alwin below and show the profits I am achieving with his service, starting bank at Bet365 Nov 23 2019 Euros 100.00. By 26 Dec 2019 I had withdrawn euros 178.00.  On 10 Jan 2020 I opened an account with IBC depositing £186 in GBP. At 28 Jan this now stands at £283.28.

Footy Tips for 18 April 2021


13:30 CET

Bochum : Hannover 96

Pick: BOCHUM -0.75

odds 2.25 at Pinnacle or 2.15 at Bet365

Stake : 1 % of your running bank rıll


İn case of a 1-goal margin home win the bet wii be HALF won

Gemany Bundesliga 2

13:30 CET

Jahn Regensburg : Heidenheim 


odds 1.85 at Pinnacle or 1.83 at Bet365

Stake 1 % of your running bank roll


In case of a draw the bet will be VOİDED

Germany Bundesliga 2

13:30 CET

Osnabrück : Fortuna Düsseldorf


odds 1.98 at Pinnacle or 1.95 at Bet365

Stake !% of your running bank roll

Italy Serie A

13:00 CET

Atalanta Bergamo : Juventus Turin

Pick: JUVENTUS AH +0.25

odds 1.87 at Bet365 or 1.87 at Pinnacle

Stake 1 % of your running bank roll


In case of a draw the bet will be HALF won


STAKED 314.50 points

RETURNED 339.28 points

ROİ  +7.88 %

My name is Alwin Amler. I am a sports analyst based in South-West Germany and for the past 15 years I have made a full-time living from my betting business. 

Yes your dream of making a living solely from betting could definitely  become reality if you STRICTLY  follow certain rules.,

The most important thing is to STRICTLY follow your money management which means not betting more than 5% at the highest on a single bet no matter how sure you are about the outcome of a certain match. 

Just to let you know how my personal money management looks like: 

I only set my stakes on a single bet in a range between 0.5% and 2% of my running bank roll. 

Patience and discipline is so important  as uncontrolled betting or greed is deadly in this business. 

Anyway, in case you stick to all this you will for sure experience for yourself that investing into the sports betting market is a real smart alternative especially in our times of ultra-low interest rates. 

Just to show you that I am a real experienced analyst I also want to mention that I write a sports betting column for Hong Kong`s number 1 daily newspaper "The Oriental Daily" under my pseudonym HOFFENHEIM CL WINNER as I am a big fan of the German Bundesliga club 1899 Hoffenheim here in our area. 

The Oriental Daily Newspaper

Betting Business Options


From the upcoming new season on, starting in September, we can offer you 2 possibilities for joining us here



Just subscribe for our newsletter with the best betting picks of the day from the world of football,

Tips will be above all on German football down to the Regionalliga which means our League 4 here but we will also offer picks  from the other big leagues in Italy, France, England as well as Spain.

You could also expect picks from other sports like Tennis with the Grand Slam Tournaments , NBA Basketball or NFL Football.from time to time. 

Thus no exotic picks with low limits by the bookies. 

Please note that all of our picks will include  detailed analysis. Thus you will understand why we have advised a certain bet. 

All this will be sent to you to your mail address on an almost daily basis.

Monthly fee for this service will be £30 GBP

Just click the BUY NOW button below

NB Most bookmakers will accept the majority of these football tips.

You can contact me to discuss any of the above options via:


WAP number  015750293216

Or Chris Wigg via Contact Us 

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