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Newsletter - Accumulators Can Rack Up The Profits
February 06, 2018

I'm a great fan of accumulator bets as the potential wins can be huge - but first you need to pick your selections carefully.

So I was intrigued to see how how successful the Winners 15 service is.

Not for the first time this brilliant jackpot winning service rattled the bookies with another HUGE winning month their THIRD in succession.

+261.29 January

+99.31 December

+318.96 November

Wow…+679.56 points profit in 3 months!

They concentrate solely on the Lucky 15 bet which consists of singles, doubles, trebles and an accumulator.

They combine there strongest 4 horses of the day to win big amounts.

In 3 years they have accumulated over 3,149 points profit!

Tonight you can grab an 'exclusive trial' at really low-cost.

SPECIAL DEAL - Try it for the next 28-days for only £10 - Winners 15

Regards Chris

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