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Newsletter - Tipping Competition Sept Results
October 08, 2018

Here are the results for the September TippingSports tipping competition.

September was one of our best months ever! We had 202 users posting their tips and 90 of them finished month in profit!

Winners for September 2018

+162.76 Budgie1984

Brad Bugeja had a fanstastic month and won first place by almost 100 points more than second placed tipster. His tips are only for Victorian greyhound racing events. He does his own video analysis and has his own ratings system.

+68.02 jumpoutjunkie2018

Second place goes to Mitchell Brown from Australia who is new tipster at our web site. His tips are for horse racing events from Australia.

+53.99 ARTips

Andrius Reika won third place, after a great start he had some rough period and now it seems that he is starting to make profit. His tips are for UK and Irish horse racing events.

New seller - Budgie1984 (+337 points!)

After posting tips 6 months for free Budgie1984 proved that his tips are profitable. Within this short period he made amazing profit of 337 points! From 1st October there will be a £30 per month fee for his tips. Lets support him and hope that he will continue to make profit in future!

This is a great way to prove your tipping skills and get rewarded if you are successful.

Competition is free, there are no fees to join the Tipping Competition . You just register or login to your existing account and start posting tips.

Competition terms and conditions apply, so please make sure you read those carefully before you start tipping. There are limits and rules on number of placed tips and points. Tipping Competition

Regards Chris

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